S.P.I.R.E.: Sharn Private Investigation and Risk Elimination

Online Session 1 Info - 4

Attendance: Tom S., Tom G., David W., Kat, Rob (cameo), Will (cameo)
XP per Attending Player: 213

At the Scene of the Crime

Memories of a rescue mission.

NPC Kloogewerks Tokens

And here are some NPC/Monster tokens I’ve made through a similar process; some have been seen in the game, others have not.

And this set can be downloaded here.

PC Kloogewerks Tokens

Below are the tokens I’ve thrown together up to tonight for Kloogewerks – most, if not all were original images found by a simple Google image search, so I apologize to the original artists for using them without permission.

You can download the tokens here.


Wrote this as an email to the players of the online game, but, thought I’d post it, too:

Hey folks,

First off, I want to apologize if I sounded a little short this evening with any of you; with 6 players, one completely new to D&D, and with me having to throw together 3 characters into Kloogewerks faster than I ever had to before, I was admittedly a little stressed, and I was hoping to get to the encounter where you find Pepper. But with the performance of Kloogewerks this evening, on top of everything else, that was obviously not possible, and the way I ran the exploration in the dungeon was far less than what I had hoped for. I hope for those people jumping into the online game for the first time don’t judge me on that one session. I was certainly not at the top of my game, and I didn’t intend to sound rude at any point. I’m thankful that all of you were able to show up.

That out of the way, the conclusion of the events within the Daask hideout: You dealt with all the antagonists within the sunken garden, and rousing the orc witch doctor, you were able to easily beat the location of Pepper out of him. After doing so, and securing Kos and “John”’s escape, you crept up towards the second floor. There, you found a nearly dead Pepper – on of her eyes, crudely removed, and the pinky and ring finger from her left hand been severed as well. The torturers that you crept up on were enjoying a nice sleep after a long day’s torture. What became of them, exactly, is up to your imagination. The party somewhere deeper in the hideout raged on – you were able to retreive the kidnapped members of the “Bad News” without further incident. Additionally, amidst all the crud and slime of the hideout, you did find an item of interest: a Quickcurse Rod (+2).

Unbeknowns to most of you, out of his curiousity, Sprocketmonger did manage to find, and steal away an item of his own: a pair of Feyleaf Vambraces.

After all was said and done, you reported back to “Books”... who was simultaneously as angry and as satisfied as you’ve ever seen her, which gave her a particularly strange look upon her face.

The job should have been easy...

I found the lobby full for screaming and complaining, running poor Juliet ragged. I had to threaten a busted head or two to get the crowd under control, but they settled in quickly. Nice and orderly, just the way I like it. Seems a gaggle of shopkeeps and merchants were being hit up for a protection racket. I’d handled more than my share of these working through the ranks of The Guard, and a few after my early retirement. I was looking forward to another job well done and a few extra coins in my pouch.

After Juliet took down names and locations, I gathered up the “Bad News” company. We’re still short a few pairs of legs though. Echelon was navel deep in some other task Commish put him on and Bastion was tagged up with another company. I grabbed a new recruit, a ‘forged that got saddled with the name ‘John’ and went off to crack a few heads and collect a few coins.

We got to the merchant square by way of the park. Nice place, if you’re into flowers and trees. Give me a smokey tavern and a tankard of ale over butterflies and lilies. The gang was a collection of your standard ruffians and ne’erdowells. The crew and I scrubbed the cobblestones with them and were regrouping when we heard a bit more commotion heading our way. We took up positions, looking to catch the next group of scrags by surprise.

Except, it wasn’t a group of scrags. An ogre, a bunch of dog-faced gnolls, an orc and a bugbear. A nasty group of mugs. John and I moved forward into the fray, Noc’ took to the roofs to work out a flanking maneuver, and Pepper took up covering our rear. Standard attack pattern, if we did anything in a standard way. We quickly realized that this wasn’t going to be a quick dust up followed by tankards and tales at the tavern.

The bugbear started slicing and dicing John while the ogre tried to make him a few inches shorter. I was fighting a backwards dance against the gnolls, one of them a good-for-nothing fingerwaggler. We dropped a few of their crew, but it cost us a lot. When I saw the bugbear gut Noc’ like a fish, I figured this might be a good time to make myself square with The Host, figuring I’d be running into them before long. It was about that time that I finally leaked out enough blood that I slipped into the blackness.

((OOC: I’m trying a different style of writing, sort of a Mickey Spillane take on Eberron. I think it’s fitting for the setting, but is a big shift from how Kos was was ‘seeing’ things before. This ties in a little with me taking a Mulligan on Kos and re-working everything but his race/class. If the new style bugs you, heck, or if you like it, let me know. I can either change it or work on getting better at it.

I wanted to detail the fights a little more, but my notes were crappy and I don’t remember everything, so it was short and sweet.))


I felt a searing pain as the scythes of the fanatic dug into my flesh. I attempted to dodge, to do anything, but the bugbear was too fast. I fell to the ground hard, bleeding profusely. My vision blurred as I saw my attacker step over me and continue onto my companions. I began to go numb and seemed removed from the events around me. The last thing I saw before blacking out was my companions being bound and dragged away, leaving me to my death.

Oh yes, my death. Quite an experience, that.

When I opened my eyes, I was surrounded by an endless, gray wasteland. Dollurh. Land of the dead. Almost immediately, a heavy, smothering apathy pressed down on me. I don’t know how long I was there, sitting in that slow, solemn moment. Minutes? Hours? Days? Years, perhaps? Suddenly, my eyes widened. Laila. The Daask. Those two names burned themselves into my mind, washing away the apathy in a tide of red hatred. The Daask had taken everything I loved, and now they’d taken my life, and I could do nothing about it. Nothing. I was dead. Powerless. All I could think of was that I had failed my Laila, my love. I stood and gazed around me. No, it wouldn’t end like this. I wouldn’t let it. Choosing a random direction, I began to walk.

As I traveled, I began to feel depressed and directionless again, but every time I felt myself slipping, Laila’s smiling face would appear behind my eyes, and the image of her bleeding out on her floor would sear itself once again into my brain. I had already failed her once. This was NOT going to happen again. And so I walked. On and on. Step after step. Then, one day, month, year, lifetime later, I bumped into something. Surprised, I looked up and saw a young man standing before me, a small smirk on his face. He wore a long, black coat, belted at the waist, and a hood that hid most of his features. He reached up, pulled the hood back and looked me in the eye. Suddenly, my mind was filled with images. A pathway through the gray wastes, up cliffs, the bodies of the Daask laying before me. As I returned to the present, the young man laid a hand on my shoulder.

“You’ve been through much. Now, you know where you need to go. You owe me a favor, when the time comes, Kyrinvar.” He chuckled. “Oh yes, I know your real name. I know you, my friend. Intimately.” With that, he turned and blinked out of existence. I knew who he was, he didn’t have to say. Before my feet, the ground seemed to glow. A path led into the distance, into a range of bleak, gray mountains. I followed. What else could I do? I made my way through the mountains, seeming to age with every step. The path grew steeper and steeper, winding upward through the craggy peaks. Eventually, it ended in a cave. Having nowhere else to go, I entered. As soon as my foot hit the black inside the cave, shadows engulfed me. They smothered me, clawed at me, blinded me. I shouted in alarm, stumbling blindly deeper into the cave. I fell to me knees as the living shadows ripped at me, tearing at my soul. The pain was unbearable. I didn’t know what was happening, but I knew that I had to get out. Suddenly, I opened my eyes, and Laila was there. She stood, shining and smiling, before me.

“Kyrinvar,” she whispered “You can’t give in. This is your true challenge. Your inner turmoil manifest, and it’s eating you from the inside out. You must control it. With it, you can weave your own fate.” She then disappeared. I stood slowly, breathing deep as the shadows continued to rend my flesh. I concentrated on Laila, on the Daask, on my revenge. A smoldering power built slowly within me, and as it did, the shadows seemed to subside. They swirled around me, burning patterns into my flesh. Sharp, black designs slowly began to appear as the shadows became a part of me. My inner turmoil and my outer determination becoming one, I stumbled out of the cave and into a back alley of Sharn. My skin was ashen, and smoke rose in whisps from dark tattoos across my arms, and from the pain under my slashed leather armor, I could tell my chest and back bore the same designs. Everything stood out in a sharp relief, almost outlined by the light of the sun. My instincts taking over, I checked my equipment. My leathers, although worse for wear, were still serviceable. My enchanted cloak had withstood the punishment, and remained intact. My dagger remained belted to my side, but when my hand moved to the hilt of what should have been my rapier, I looked down, puzzled. Instead of the long, slender blade, a heavy, jagged-edged sword sat in a black and red scabbard with my belt threaded neatly through it. I drew it, and swung it experimentally. I was lighter than I had expected, and felt almost at home in my hand as my rapier had.

Just then, a voice whispered in my mind, “A gift. I thought it might be a bit more appropriate than your previous weapon. I assumed you’d want to cause as much pain as possible to the Daask, and this should help you with that.” A grin flashed in my mind, then the image disappeared. The Traveler had provided once again. I had no idea why he’d taken such an interest in me, but I wouldn’t question his sudden benevolence. I looked down into a puddle at my feet, and blinked in surprise. My hair had turned jet black, as had my eyes, with the exception of the pupils, which were a burning red. On a whim, I tried to change form to something less noticeable. Nothing happened. I tried again. Still nothing. In anger, I punched at the brick in front of me. As I moved, the tattoos around my arms leapt to life and lashed out, punching through the wall as my fist connected, then receded into my skin. I jumped back, shocked. I felt a power within me that was new and frightening. The words of the Traveler echoed in my mind. “You’ll owe me a favor, when the time comes.” I suppose this was why. Without a glance back into the alley from which I’d come, I strode into the street towards the market, my captured companions, and, most importantly, those that had taken everything from me. They would pay.

Oh yes, they would pay.


S.P.I.R.E. HQ Map - Unfinished

Thought I’d share what I’m putting together – just the crude map of the interior of S.P.I.R.E. headquarters, you know, should one ever need it to map out things that might happen inside.

Florida Session Info - 5

Attendance: Colin, Shannon, Steven, Skippy
XP per Attending Player: 348

"Books'" S.P.I.R.E. Reports
Filed Under "001-005"

Client: Merchants of the Terminus District, Sharn, Breland
Synopsis of Risk: Merchants complained of Daask protection racket, asked members of S.P.I.R.E. to clear them out.

Date: Dravago 2nd, 998 YK
Location: Terminus District, Sharn, Breland
Details: Routine investigation into local gang’s attempts to collect protection money from merchant populace, gone awry. New warforged “John” accompanied them to Terminus district. Reports fuzzy; seems as if things had been going well, until a second group of Daask assaulted the “Bad News” agents, these ones seemingly heavily associated with a church of the Mockery. Casualties: Nocturne died at the hands of a Mockery fanatic in the fray. Pepper Pinchpenny, “John”, Kos, captured by Daask. Sending others to investigate.


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