S.P.I.R.E.: Sharn Private Investigation and Risk Elimination

Drama Cards

I’ve decided to do away with the name perk cards, and just decided that the cards I’ve been working on are the new iteration of the drama cards that me and my various gamer friends have been using since D&D 3rd Edition or so. These cards have always been a blast to use, and hopefully you guys (my current tabletop group) will really get a kick out ‘em too.

Never before have I put so much effort into them. Before, they were just text and printed on card stock or business card perforated paper, but, I think I’m going to go all out on these. The drama cards will basically be replacing the perk point system (which I think was kind of a flop, and a poor analog to drama cards).

Now, there will be perks, which will tie in with the drama cards – but, more on that when I get to that point. For now, let me show you the progress on the drama cards. I think I’ve done a good job of making them look like actual D&D cards, rather than just Magic: the Gathering cards with D&D effects on them. It’s more of a teaser, than a display, but, it’s more to get the idea of the design, than the effects of the cards:

Now, these cards aren’t done yet, by any means, but, I think what I posted here is a pretty good approximation to the final product. I’m going to try to get some input on them this upcoming game on Saturday; we’ll see how things go.

Thykim's Thoughts

Rather quickly, our adventure had started in the middle of the market district. Gladly, I will say, we had the upper hand this time! We had only a few minutes, maybe 20 at best, to get into position. For we had known beforehand that the men we had fought before were coming here; more than likely to gather taxes, or whatever they had chosen to do. But that did not matter.

Moving quickly, we scouted the area, and finally chose to hide out in the nearby bookstore. The bookkeeper, had taken the opportunity of us being in here (not knowing that shit was about to hit the fan, that is) to try and sell us some of his fine literature.

Now, as anyone who can tell by my looks, I am not a fan of “fine” literature. Rather quickly, if I may add, we had bought the good chunk of books from the fair lad, and the bookcases as well! (writing this to myself, i need to pay Reldin back some gold for that….)

Looking out the window, we noticed what had come out was… A number of small bullywugs, a giant frog, a goblin, and a cave troll… How fun this looks to be, and we just got here! So, after bartering with the merchant, we waited until the groups split up and moved to establish our fighting positions. Deciding on messing up the hexer, we had thrown two rather heavy, if I may say so myself, giant wooden boxes at the goblin. Sending him running our next objective was the cave troll.

Unfortunately, I could not tame this beast, so we had to kill him…. After a small skirmish, the other frogs decided to enter the fray. Outnumbered, but not near out matched we quickly dispatched the frogs, and with a well placed QUARRY SMASH, I had killed the giant frog, releasing the guard within…

Hurray! But, the guard barely thanking me, by the way I must remember to find this guard and send an arrow in his back as he had no manners, he had rushed upwards to join the fight. After a slightly longer skirmish this time, we had managed to send Reldin up atop the ship to fight off the hobgoblins, and Theras barely surviving the fight, thank you very much, we had killed rest of them. Mission accomplished, hopefully!

Oh, and we managed to commandeer the ship and send it at a few goblins, but who needs to know about that… hahah? Oh, and one last thing, I’m writing this in jail. I decided not to resist arrest, and went with the guards…

Juliet Potts

Just posting really quick, the colored Juliet Potts:

"Books'" S.P.I.R.E. Reports
Filed Under "002-005"

Client: S.P.I.R.E. (Employee Self-Preservation)
Details: The Meanwhiles are sent to gather intel in regards to the few elemental vessels the Daask have under their command; things do not go as planned.

Date: Dravago 5th, 998 YK
Location: Terminus District, Sharn, Breland
Synopsis of Risk: I’m all too aware that the Sharn guard are on their way to S.P.I.R.E. headquarters now, so, I’m making an effort to make this entry brief. Let me just begin by noting that I gave the Meanwhiles fairly explicit instructions; sneak Echelon’s scrying device upon the Daask airship when they arrived in the market, for future missions, and do not blow it up. And, I suppose, to the Meanwhiles did follow these orders, and did not blow up the elemental vessel, at least not directly.

I deployed the Meanwhiles to the markets in the Terminus district, where a the Daask have been heavily active, in hopes of having them gather intel to assist in the Bad News future missions. I was correct, as usual, in that the Daask would be making an appearance. The initial party consisted of a goblin, a number of bullywug cronies with their giant frog pet, and most horrifically, a cave troll. The Meanwhiles hid themselves in a book shop, and while waiting for the Daask to split up a bit, they made a purchase of two bookshelves, along with all the books on them.

After their purchase, and once the party was sufficiently confident that the Daask landing party had dispersed enough, they emerged from the store. Reldin’s plan, as I’ve gathered, involved throwing the newly purchased bookcases down a stairwell to trap the goblin in the area below, and set the bookcase ablaze. Given the size of the bookcases, they would have proven enough of a barrier without being immolated; I’m beginning to think that Reldin’s previous tactical thoughts are nothing but pyromania given opportunity to act. (There are notes here in regards to a psychological report). Once the plan was begun, it goes without saying a mass melee broke out.

Theras and Thykim, ever Reldin’s accomplices, readied the bookcases as Reldin openly mocked the Daask goblin, while Eya (a relatively new employee) distracted the troll with her arcane eye familiar. Once the goblin began up the stairs, the bookcases were spilled upon him. However, before Reldin could throw down a latern to set the whole pile of books ablaze, the goblin blinded Reldin with some manner of magic, leaving the halfling flailing around wildly, and his aim, for obvious reasons, fantastically diminished.

The details of the actual brouhaha in the market are still coming to me; however, some particular highlights are as follows:

  • The troll attempting to use Thykim as an improvised weapon against Theras.
  • The giant frog nearly digesting a Sharn guard that was coming to break up the combat.
  • The hobgoblin crew emerging, peppering the Meanwhiles and the guards with arrows.
  • Reldin stealing and then crashing the Daask airship into the market/bridge, crushing the hobgoblins.

That last point is the one where we seem to be in a great deal of disagreement with the law currently. The sheer amount of damage that was done by the airship to the market and surrounding structures, the fires that followed, the death of one of the Sharn guard and countless other things that occurred seems to have opened an investigation upon S.P.I.R.E.

Thykim and Theras went in willingly with the guard, however, Eya fled the scene of the crime, which is going to make things a bit more difficult to explain. Reldin was last seen strolling casually away from the exploding airship, lighting his pipe as he went.

It’s my hopes that my next entry will not have to be from the confines of the Sharn prison.

Online Session 1 Info - 5

Attendance: Tom S., Tom G., David W., Kat
XP per Attending Player: 250

S.P.I.R.E. Perk Cards, Again

I’ve been working on the cards, and changed up the art a little; it’s made them a helluva lot easier to read, I think.

I’m still trying to get all the cards in order; I think the simple names are great for now, with more complicated names for the unique cards. But, I’m always open to more ideas.

S.P.I.R.E. Perk Cards, Continued

I mentioned before how I planned on making perk cards, for a change in how S.P.I.R.E. perks will work; and I’ve done a bunch of what I planned on doing, last evening. Thought I might take a moment to give a little preview. I think they’ll be a great deal more interesting than the perk point system as it stood before.

And yes, I was using the Magic Set Editor to create these suckers; gotta admit, they look nicer than if I simply tried to create them in Word.

Daask Market Encounter

I have no problem showing this map before the players jump on it; it’s a part of town that they’ll be familiar with, having been keeping an eye out for the Daask – but, as I’ve made a map for it, you can imagine there might be some violence there.

Daask Hideout

Just thought I’d post the map that the Meanwhiles had to crawl through to rescue their fellows from the Bad News; they didn’t get to explore it all, with time constraints, but, it’s worth a look anyhow.

Theras Blacksand

Books called it a volunteer mission, but I could do the math: Nearly a third of S.P.I.R.E.’s number, captured or killed in a street brawl. If word got out we let that pass every bunch of punks in Sharn would think we were easy meat, and S.P.I.R.E. would be as dead as my tribe. This was a hunt, a war with ruthless savages. This was what the Commish hired me for.

We headed to the last place anyone had seen our allies, and found a bunch of ugly little crow people tearing up the market. I didn’t realize they were with the Daask until after the dust settled, but they attack us on sight, so they got the same treatment they would have if I’d known walking in. I crushed a few of them, as did the plant-machine, and the little lizard. The drow blasted a pair of them into puffs of feathers and red smears, and even “King” knocked a couple of them out. The last one cowered, whimpered, and took us right to the Daask’s doorstep.

As a reward for his obidience, we didn’t kill that last Kenku. He’s missing a few tufts of feathers from his wings and head, but healthy.

After a bit of recon (by the drow’s floating eyeball and Reldin’s lantern) and planning we moved in and disabled the Daask’s alarm gong. Ironwood made a move toward a door we could hear feasting behind, but frantic gesturing got through the thick plating on his head, and and we set about looking for the Bad News survivors on the flooded lower floor instead of facing what might have been the entire force of the Daask in Sharn.

With a surprising degree of stealth for such a large, heavily armed group, we snuck past a patrol (twice) and found little of interest (an overflowing pool and a useless kitchen). So we laid a trap for the patrol we’d been dodging, going on the logic that the third and final door had to have something hostile in it, and it would be better to wipe out the patrol now than to have them attack our flank.

The ambush went well, with only Ironwood’s insistence on hurling furniture creating any chance of failure.

Pushing on, we found the disabled remains of “John” standing in a cage, surrounded by several goblins. We attempted to lure them into another ambush, but they set up a counter-ambush, and – because we had a time limit – we set theirs off rather than the other way around. The goblins were backed by an orc shaman casting some fairly familiar filth-spells, but the real surprise came from the rear, in the form of a pair of hungry green slimes. My own role and perspective on the fight was limited to grappling with and pounding on one of the aforementioned oozes, but “King” definitely managed to feed one of the goblinsto the other slime, and I heard some fairly impressive fireworks from the vicinity of Eya and the kobold.

During the fight, Reldin had discovered Kos, alive and scalped, upstairs. We gathered him and “John” up and hustled them out to relative safety, then continued our cautious exploration. We soon found Pepper, caged and badly mauled, surrounded by unconscious goblinoids. The kobold and I nodded to one another and set to work. No flashy lights, no dramatic poses, just a lot of choking, gasping, and gurgling, with Reldin looking away and Eya watching with a grin on her face that looked altogether too wide and pointed.

We extracted Pepper and snuck out. The rest of the Daask will need to be dealt with, as they will clearly attempt to kill everyone with a S.P.I.R.E badge on sight, but our numbers and reputation as a group not to be trifled with are secure.


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