S.P.I.R.E.: Sharn Private Investigation and Risk Elimination

Florida Session Info - 9

Attendance: Colin, Craig, Steven, Shannon, Skippy
XP per Attending Player: -

Ironwood, Kos and Nocturne Previews

Thought I’d share with you a few more previews of the paper minis coming up.

"Books'" S.P.I.R.E. Reports
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Client: Captain Nathan d’Lyrandar
Synopsis of Risk: En route from their mission in the Stormcrow Tor, the Bad News happen upon a hostage situation in a small town.

Date: Dravago 28nd, 998 YK
Location: Town of Waypoint, Breland
Details: While settling down to spend an evening in the Unruly Unicorn tavern within the confines of the town Waypoint, the Bad News were approached by a client that had recognized the badges from a previous job. Captain Nathan d’Lyrandar informed the Bad News of a hostage situation that was occurring at the local schoolhouse, and how the warforged that were holding the teachers and children captive were making increasingly impossible demands while setting a timeline for the deaths of their hostages.

After settling on a price point, the party went about formulating a plan to extract the hostages in question. The initial plan involved diplomacy – however, Kos’ impatience got the best of him, causing the leader of the warforged kidnappers, “Cutlass” (assigned name revealed to be Ferd) to cut off all communications with any more “fleshbags”. Ironwood and “John” stepped in on this measure. When they approached the door, they were met by another warforged, one who simply addressed himself as Buck. This warforged seemed to be far more amicable to the reasoning of the party, and the townsfolk, but was cowed by his superior, “Cutlass”. However, he did make it clear that this was not the way he wanted things to go; the party talked amongst themselves, and thought they would have a proverbial man on the inside, if things got rough.

Again, Ironwood and John approached the door, meeting with the leader proper this time. Acting quickly, John grabbed “Cutlass”, pulling him out into the streets, and began pummeling him, while the rest of the party acted as quickly as they could.

Nocturne had prowled behind the building, and, after dispatching a single warforged with his new shadowy abilities (a note here – still need to question him in regards to that, if time allows), began to clamber, cat-like, through the window. The children inside, as you might imagine, were completely horrified by this act, as the figure of a gaunt, featureless creature wreathed in shadows, hissing things like “come with me” does not make for an ideal rescuer. Regardless of this, the children in the back escaped without harm.

The rest of the party stormed into the school, dispatching warforged followers as they went, far too quickly for them to act on their promise to harm the innocents. Outside, “John” pummeled “Cutlass” quickly into the ground, if nothing else, proving that we at S.P.I.R.E. invest in only the finest of forged. Kos and the others spared the warforged known as Buck, allowing him to escape into the night – he had made efforts, during the ensuing chaos, to slow any of the aggressive warforged, and made no motions towards the party themselves.

With the civilians in safety (though some may require therapy), the Bad News collected their agreed payment, slept well, and made their way back to Sharn, where I informed the Bad News of the bad news.


John sits down with S.P.I.R.E and shares his thoughts on the matter (post florida game 8).

“Well, the way I see it, we have ourselves the makings of a resistance here. There’s some oppressive bureaucrat in charge of the entire blasted city, and we have this oddly unique opportunity to royally mess this fucker up, right? So, here’s my plan; but before that, I’ve got to tell you all a story.

“You know that I was fielded a year before the end of the War and the Treaty, right? Well, one of the missions I worked on was to destroy a resistance group in Rekkenmark. They were distributing pamphlets detailing the war crimes being committed by the generals and solders of the Karrn army. The propaganda was obviously working or my squad wouldn’t have been sent to muss them up.

“I went in with a team of warforged, three solders, one scout, and one engineer. We found the press and had a pretty good time destroying it before the engineer, Crank he called himself, stupid name really, told us to stop. “We can turn this thing against the resistance!” he said. All extra curricular really, but command liked it in the report.

“So after a few hours of piecing the press together again, we began printing out some slightly altered pamphlets: “disinformation” Crank called it. And then we set the new pages in place of the old ones and returned to command for debriefing.

“When we got back their spies were already reporting in on the updated situation. The fake propaganda was turning the city against the rebels and in favor of the kingdom. We all got a big commendation for the work, Crank complained about how we just smashed everything and how he disserved all the credit, and we went on our next assignment.

“The moral of this story is: if we want to bring this Flex fella down, we’ve got to turn the people of Sharn against him. We obviously can’t take him on ourselves with the entirety of Sharn security in his hand, but he can’t arrest the entire damn city either. If we build the people up enough, they might just do the job for us, and we can keep our heads out of the furnace.”

Florida Session Info - 8

Attendance: Colin, Steven, Shannon, Rob, Skippy
XP per Attending Player: 300

Paper Mini Preview - Pepper

Here’s a little sneak preview of a series of minis being drawn for S.P.I.R.E.:

Ashton Sperry all up in this project; you can check out the art here, and some more paper minis here.

Presenting: Drama Cards

Presenting: Drama Cards

Drama cards are a set of printable cards that you, as a DM, can introduce into your game as a reward for your players; give them out as a reward for your players providing you with a character history, story log, or if they go above and beyond with their in-game actions, do something amazing/funny in-game, or just outright bribe you.

This set of cards contains 180 different cards; some with mechanical effects, many with, appropriately enough, dramatic effects that may change the course of actions of an NPC, a monster, the enviroment or the story as a whole. The cards are sorted into different “values” – copper, silver, gold and platinum; generally reflecting how rarely you should award these cards. For example, in my campaign, I intend on printing them out in a ratio of 8:4:2:1, so that the copper cards show up a great deal more often. Whatever the case, I recommend you only use these cards if you’re confident as a DM.

The cards are also sorted by type of action – Adventure, Assist, Attack, Combat, Defense, Movement, Recovery, Subplot and Meta; these categories are pretty self-explanatory, and their purposes for drama cards are deliberately vague; it’s just another means to allow you to sort through cards you may or may not want your players to have access to, or perhaps only use in certain situations.

Using a card itself, in-game, takes no action, although there are cards that can only be used under special circumstances. There is no limit to how many cards a player may have, or how many a player may use at any given time; however, once again, this is just how I’m using them; you can limit a player to a set “hand” of cards, forcing them to discard a card if they want a new one, you may limit how many can be used at once, or when they can be used. Find the way they best suit your campaign, and use them as you see fit.

You can download the cards here: click
You can download the MSE data files here (I made alterations to the Magic data files, however, so, if you have custom M:tG cards, this WILL screw them up): click

Hoping I can get another place to host them, as, well, rapidshare.

If you use the cards in your game, I would absolutely love to see them in play; send me any pictures of the cards in action to dramacards@gmail.com.

And now for my damning moment of self-interest – if you liked these cards, at least take some time to look around at the campaign I’m currently running; at most, if you’re feeling particularly charitable, and want to donate some of your hard earned money to a poor DM, send me an email to the above address, and I’ll happily provide you with the means (artists welcome, too).

And one final note: these cards are in, for the lack of a better term, a beta – I wanted to get these cards out to you, but, there’s bound to be glaring grammatical errors and other problems; if you find them, let me know, I’ll be sure to fix ‘em up for the next “release”. And keep the ideas coming; you guys really pushed this idea to the edge, and I want to keep going.

Drama Cards: Almost Ready

Spend a good portion of the evening just throwing ideas back and forth with the good folks of /tg/; spawned a lot of good ideas, and I think I’ll be squared away with these cards in the near future. A couple of links for you:

Archived Thread, here.
1d4chan Article, here.

Thanks to all contributors this evening.

Florida Session Info - 7

Attendance: Colin, Steven, Shannon
XP per Attending Player: 505

"Books'" S.P.I.R.E. Reports
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Client: S.P.I.R.E. (Self-Interest)

Reports: (continued)
Date: Dravago 22nd, 998 YK
Location: Graywall Mountains, Droaam/Breland border
Details: Pressing on beyond the cauldron ward room, the Bad News found one last defense; a series of constructs flanked the centerpiece of the room, a series of pressure plates, each engraved with a different letter in common. Reports I’ve received show the plates arranged as such:


Beyond that, on the south wall, a glowing portal, seemingly closed. Ironwood was encouraged to step forward onto the plates; it was Kos, Pepper and Nocturne who agreed that there was likely some manner of sequence to the pressure plates that would allow them to push forward through the portal ahead. It was the “U” that Ironwood stepped on – which, the party quickly determined, was the incorrect way to go about things. The constructs sprang to life, leaping at Ironwood with mechanical efficiency. “John” was set upon by a small clay construct, which bit at his solid frame uselessly, however, the pair of heavily-gauntleted statues bloodied both Kos and Nocturne fairly quickly, while a “gunner” statue launched bolts into the fray.

Stepping on to the tiles along with Ironwood, they soon found that certain tiles deactivated certain constructs. Eventually, by dragging nearby statues onto the appropriate tiles, “C”, “R”, “O”, “W”, all of the clockwork assailants were nullified, and the portal did indeed open. And beyond the aperture, was the vault of Flex Mentalo.

Gazing through the portal, they saw a series of side vaults, built into the corners of the room where a heavy stone sarcophagus lay. The contents of said sarcophagus were soon discovered as the

(The records become unintelligible at this point, some liquid content having seeped into the text, ruining the writing. Over the smudged and illegible script of “Books’” is flowing script, obviously written after the paper had dried. It reads: “Little accident, sorry boss” – JP. “Books’” familiar writing continues after some time.)

rit. I’m personally glad things worked out the way they did. I’ll be filing the full findings, and, if need be, acquiring a writ. No major injuries reported.


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