S.P.I.R.E.: Sharn Private Investigation and Risk Elimination

Thykim's Thoughts

Rather quickly, our adventure had started in the middle of the market district. Gladly, I will say, we had the upper hand this time! We had only a few minutes, maybe 20 at best, to get into position. For we had known beforehand that the men we had fought before were coming here; more than likely to gather taxes, or whatever they had chosen to do. But that did not matter.

Moving quickly, we scouted the area, and finally chose to hide out in the nearby bookstore. The bookkeeper, had taken the opportunity of us being in here (not knowing that shit was about to hit the fan, that is) to try and sell us some of his fine literature.

Now, as anyone who can tell by my looks, I am not a fan of “fine” literature. Rather quickly, if I may add, we had bought the good chunk of books from the fair lad, and the bookcases as well! (writing this to myself, i need to pay Reldin back some gold for that….)

Looking out the window, we noticed what had come out was… A number of small bullywugs, a giant frog, a goblin, and a cave troll… How fun this looks to be, and we just got here! So, after bartering with the merchant, we waited until the groups split up and moved to establish our fighting positions. Deciding on messing up the hexer, we had thrown two rather heavy, if I may say so myself, giant wooden boxes at the goblin. Sending him running our next objective was the cave troll.

Unfortunately, I could not tame this beast, so we had to kill him…. After a small skirmish, the other frogs decided to enter the fray. Outnumbered, but not near out matched we quickly dispatched the frogs, and with a well placed QUARRY SMASH, I had killed the giant frog, releasing the guard within…

Hurray! But, the guard barely thanking me, by the way I must remember to find this guard and send an arrow in his back as he had no manners, he had rushed upwards to join the fight. After a slightly longer skirmish this time, we had managed to send Reldin up atop the ship to fight off the hobgoblins, and Theras barely surviving the fight, thank you very much, we had killed rest of them. Mission accomplished, hopefully!

Oh, and we managed to commandeer the ship and send it at a few goblins, but who needs to know about that… hahah? Oh, and one last thing, I’m writing this in jail. I decided not to resist arrest, and went with the guards…


Fivegears Fivegears

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