S.P.I.R.E.: Sharn Private Investigation and Risk Elimination

Theras: After-Action Report

S.P.I.R.E After-action Report

Dated: Eyre 14th, 998 YK

Operative: Theras Blacksand

Travelled out of Sharn per orders, weather was poor, but did not delay us. We met with Lyrandar contact, who was in the process of training Brelish Militia. Discussions concerned a tower near the Droaam border, rebuilding of tower was halted by Sharn-local gang: Bloody Knights. Six dwarves were contracted, one escaped. Bloody Knights reported to be working with undead.

Approached tower under cover of rain, discerned a number of Bloody Knights. Engaged from surprise, with good results. Hostiles were discovered to be holding a dwarven hostage, who was freed thanks to a distraction from operative Renaldo. Hostiles were joined by a small number of weak undead, none of which posed a significant issue. Hostiles were dispatched, but additional threats were below the tower, so after a short rest, S.P.I.R.E. operatives regrouped and climbed a rope ladder leading under the structure in question.

Bloody Knights below the tower were better prepared. They were lead by a better- armed Bloody Knight, and employed an animated trap and a dangerous rogue (wanted murderer) who inflicted significant damage on me after an ill-planned move on my part. Raan-Skag and I were nearly brought down by cumulative injuries, and the “hostage” turned out to be a changeling, which we found out when he/she/it plunged down the ladder at a dead drop, hoping to stab “King” in the head. Quick thinking, teamwork, overwhelming force and the Halfling luck won out, though, as the leader was killed, the rogue and changeling fled, and the Bloody Knights shot at us until subdued.

We checked on the dwarf who’d accompanied us to the area, and found him badly beaten but alive. After rousing him we discovered the only passable hallway under goldenhawk tower was trapped with fire-breathing gargoyles. Fortunately, Reldin came up with a plan. Raan-Skag and I did some heavy lifting, the elf did some herb gathering, and even the dwarf helped put the whole thing together. I’m still not certain what to call it, but we rolled most of a wagon down a flaming hallway while covering ourselves in wet tarps. The wagon crashed into a couple of luckless thugs, crushing and burning one of them to death on the spot. The remaining three were easy pickings.

Around the corner we discovered the rogue and changeling lying in wait. Attempting to close on them proved ill advised as sarcophagus traps pulled myself and one other out of the fight and chained us, briefly. The changeling fled again, but we brought down the rogue with help from the snapjaw trap, which Reldin had more or less subdued with a ten-foot pole. We collected the head for the bounty, and proceeded deeper into the complex.

In the next chamber, we found what could only be a puzzle: A bunch of colored skulls and a mystically burning cauldron of boiling goo. While Reldin and the elf tried to work out a solution, the changeling gummed up the works by leaping out of a pile of skulls and attacking. Raan-Skag tried a novel solution to the puzzle by grabbing the squirming changeling (disguised to look like me) and hurling him into the cauldron. This proved to be the wrong answer; a pair of gruesome undead…things crawled out of the cauldron and attacked, very effectively. I had just sounded the retreat when a third skull plunked into the boiling glop and the undead shrugged and walked back into the pot. The doors also unlocked, so after a short rest we pushed on.

The final fight of this job took place in a grand hall, where a necromancer had set up shop. We hacked and smashed our way through her zombie minions and managed to drag her pack of skeletal archers down from their perches in surprisingly good time. The archers and her two skeletal dogs continued harrying us even as most of us engaged the necromancer in close quarters. We overwhelmed her with numbers and force, then mopped up her creatures, claimed her loot, and reported back to the client.


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