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Drama Cards

I’ve decided to do away with the name perk cards, and just decided that the cards I’ve been working on are the new iteration of the drama cards that me and my various gamer friends have been using since D&D 3rd Edition or so. These cards have always been a blast to use, and hopefully you guys (my current tabletop group) will really get a kick out ‘em too.

Never before have I put so much effort into them. Before, they were just text and printed on card stock or business card perforated paper, but, I think I’m going to go all out on these. The drama cards will basically be replacing the perk point system (which I think was kind of a flop, and a poor analog to drama cards).

Now, there will be perks, which will tie in with the drama cards – but, more on that when I get to that point. For now, let me show you the progress on the drama cards. I think I’ve done a good job of making them look like actual D&D cards, rather than just Magic: the Gathering cards with D&D effects on them. It’s more of a teaser, than a display, but, it’s more to get the idea of the design, than the effects of the cards:

Now, these cards aren’t done yet, by any means, but, I think what I posted here is a pretty good approximation to the final product. I’m going to try to get some input on them this upcoming game on Saturday; we’ll see how things go.


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