S.P.I.R.E.: Sharn Private Investigation and Risk Elimination

"Books'" S.P.I.R.E. Reports

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Client: S.P.I.R.E. (Employee Self-Preservation)
Details: The Meanwhiles are sent to gather intel in regards to the few elemental vessels the Daask have under their command; things do not go as planned.

Date: Dravago 5th, 998 YK
Location: Terminus District, Sharn, Breland
Synopsis of Risk: I’m all too aware that the Sharn guard are on their way to S.P.I.R.E. headquarters now, so, I’m making an effort to make this entry brief. Let me just begin by noting that I gave the Meanwhiles fairly explicit instructions; sneak Echelon’s scrying device upon the Daask airship when they arrived in the market, for future missions, and do not blow it up. And, I suppose, to the Meanwhiles did follow these orders, and did not blow up the elemental vessel, at least not directly.

I deployed the Meanwhiles to the markets in the Terminus district, where a the Daask have been heavily active, in hopes of having them gather intel to assist in the Bad News future missions. I was correct, as usual, in that the Daask would be making an appearance. The initial party consisted of a goblin, a number of bullywug cronies with their giant frog pet, and most horrifically, a cave troll. The Meanwhiles hid themselves in a book shop, and while waiting for the Daask to split up a bit, they made a purchase of two bookshelves, along with all the books on them.

After their purchase, and once the party was sufficiently confident that the Daask landing party had dispersed enough, they emerged from the store. Reldin’s plan, as I’ve gathered, involved throwing the newly purchased bookcases down a stairwell to trap the goblin in the area below, and set the bookcase ablaze. Given the size of the bookcases, they would have proven enough of a barrier without being immolated; I’m beginning to think that Reldin’s previous tactical thoughts are nothing but pyromania given opportunity to act. (There are notes here in regards to a psychological report). Once the plan was begun, it goes without saying a mass melee broke out.

Theras and Thykim, ever Reldin’s accomplices, readied the bookcases as Reldin openly mocked the Daask goblin, while Eya (a relatively new employee) distracted the troll with her arcane eye familiar. Once the goblin began up the stairs, the bookcases were spilled upon him. However, before Reldin could throw down a latern to set the whole pile of books ablaze, the goblin blinded Reldin with some manner of magic, leaving the halfling flailing around wildly, and his aim, for obvious reasons, fantastically diminished.

The details of the actual brouhaha in the market are still coming to me; however, some particular highlights are as follows:

  • The troll attempting to use Thykim as an improvised weapon against Theras.
  • The giant frog nearly digesting a Sharn guard that was coming to break up the combat.
  • The hobgoblin crew emerging, peppering the Meanwhiles and the guards with arrows.
  • Reldin stealing and then crashing the Daask airship into the market/bridge, crushing the hobgoblins.

That last point is the one where we seem to be in a great deal of disagreement with the law currently. The sheer amount of damage that was done by the airship to the market and surrounding structures, the fires that followed, the death of one of the Sharn guard and countless other things that occurred seems to have opened an investigation upon S.P.I.R.E.

Thykim and Theras went in willingly with the guard, however, Eya fled the scene of the crime, which is going to make things a bit more difficult to explain. Reldin was last seen strolling casually away from the exploding airship, lighting his pipe as he went.

It’s my hopes that my next entry will not have to be from the confines of the Sharn prison.


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