S.P.I.R.E.: Sharn Private Investigation and Risk Elimination

A Wing and a Prayer...

The plan was simple, if the rock heads could just get it in and let it rattle about for a bit. Finally, enough cracks were formed and things began to seep in. We work our way on board the ship at the public docks, steal it, take it to assault the second ship, and finally take it to the third ship, blow it up, then ride this ship out to somewhere safe and leave it in a lot more pieces than we found it.

Of course, even the best plan can hit snags…

The guards, perhaps quicker than the normal dregs at the docks, didn’t believe my bluff, so we did what Bad News does best…Assault. Thankfully, Pepper got the ship moving before the reinforcements arrived. Just barely. We took some lumps, but it wasn’t too terrible.

The second airship assault required a bit quicker thinking, something I’m afraid Bad News might need a bit more of. The ship was behind a protective gate and the only entrances were from above. We spent a fair bit of time jawing about this and that, and finally I convinced the group into a plan of action. While we prepared to slide down ropes into the ship below some skylights, Pepper would move our stolen ship in close to the front. Rook…er…Masyiss (I think, never worry about their names until they survive a few fights) was going to work some magic on the releases to the gates so we can get to safety before Echelon lights off his bomb.

Thankfully, things went fairly well, and we are now on our way to the third airship.


Fivegears Fivegears

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