S.P.I.R.E.: Sharn Private Investigation and Risk Elimination

Kos' Report (from the field)

To whom it may concern,

It took only minimal effort for me to locate their trail through the streets of Sharn (I really must discuss this with Nocturne as he has typically been much better at hiding his tracks), and I followed it down into the bowels of the city to an ancient temple to find the entire crew well entrenched into doing nothing. Unfortunately, I was not the only one to follow their trail and I quickly rallied the troops to setup an ambush for whatever else followed the trail.

As we prepared, I noticed the reaction speed of my compatriots to be less than adequate. I will make an effort to work on this with them at every opportunity. As the footfalls neared, a little tune escaped my lips, my eagerness for combat slipping through my lips. When the creatures following came down the stairs, the first thing that caught my eye were the insignias of The Emerald Claw and the human that I quickly determined to be the leader wore a holy symbol of The Blood of Vol. I’m sure I don’t need to mention to you what this means.

The followers were dispatched in a timely order, though several of my fellows found difficulty landing their attacks. Thankfully, the songs of old were with me and I was able to catch the leader as he fled back the way he came. Once his minions were dispatched, we took a quick inventory of the corpses, though only the holy symbol was interesting (it was secured in our belongings for potential future use).

From this, we moved into a room that turned out to be a maze of shadows that seemed to sap our very strength. We all worked together, recalling what bits and pieces we knew of the Shadow to make our path through to the end. There, we found a small chest that was easily opened. Inside, it contained a prayer book, a holy symbol dedicated to the Shadow, and a pair of gloves. I felt it best to handle the holy symbol and prayer book myself, which I will bring back for further study. Once the chest was opened, returning to the previous area was quite simple, and we went down the other corridor.

We reached a room containing several corpses, two live humans, and a multi-limbed creature of pure shadow. Taking in the surroundings, I noticed a large section of consecrated ground in the room, which I warned my companions about, and a shadowy corner near the creature. Unfortunately, the humans did not survive our initial survey of the room, though we dispatched the creature with relative ease (Personal Note: Some of my companions are in dire need of training in combat). From here, the other companions moved on down the corridor while I investigated the consecrated grounds (see my attached notes, pages 5 through 23).

Yours in Service, Kos


Jeez Steven, sorry we suck… yeesh!

Kos' Report (from the field)

That was really a dig at Ed for NOT HITTING ANYTHING…EVER. :P

Kos' Report (from the field)

Ill remember that when you need a heal and you are all out of healing :P

Kos' Report (from the field)
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