S.P.I.R.E.: Sharn Private Investigation and Risk Elimination

"Books'" S.P.I.R.E. Reports

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Location: (Tower of the Art, Mid-Levels), Depths, Breland
Details: Kos found his way back to the party amidst the depths after filling out an extensive report here at headquarters. I requested that he send Rayan back to headquarters when he arrived. Bastion had found his way back to the party in the meantime; the shifter guide abandoned them during their rest. Once fully rested prepared, the party moved upwards into the tower. In doing so they discover the Tower in question is mostly in disrepair. Having to access higher levels of the tower in their exploration, they unfortunately travel through an arcane sentry room. The party defends themselves with little issue; no major injuries reported, however, I must speak with Bastion in regards to taking unnecessary risks when it comes to exposing himself to unknown levels of arcane energy.

Location: (The Tower of the Art, High Levels), Depths, Breland
Details: The Bad News moves from the arcane sentry room to the upper levels of the ruined tower, discovering an arcane workshop of a ghostly artificer, who took poorly to their presence. Nocturne and Kos attempted to parlay with the spirit, while the rest of the party simply tried to move through the room unharmed (save for Bastion, who, though he was not harmed in the process, made no effort to protect himself from the different devices). Negotiations broke down, however, when the spirit attacked the party leader, Kos. With that, Bastion tipped over one of the cauldrons filled with elemental substance in order to facilitate fighting. For the record I approve of this kind of improvisation. The spirit was soon dispersed, allowing the party to continue their search. Within the laboratory, they find notes in reference to the relic in question; apparently the spirit, Thagdal, had created it for an unknown client, but, it was claimed by a member of the Church of the Silver Flame some time ago. The party made their way out of the tower; no major injuries reported.

Date: Eyre 15th, 998 YK
Location: Highwall District Khyber’s Gate District, Sharn, Breland
Details: As rhe Bad News finds their way out of the Depths, they approach a guard tower leading back into Sharn proper, only to find themselves facing a number of members of the Deathsgate adventuring guild – amongst them, an adventurer named Flex Mentalo. Flex attempted to claim all the findings of S.P.I.R.E. rightfully belonging to Deathsgate, however, the Bad News didn’t feel like negotiations; a quick altercation broke out, ending in the death of one of the members of the Deathsgate guild, and the escape of Flex Mentalo himself. Leaving behind a couple of perplexing (and one explosive) notes, Flex was both cursed by some members of the Bad News, and considered for employment by others. Given the potential level for in-house conflict, I’ve decided to pass on perusing him for employment. No major injuries reported. Additionally, upon entering the city, the party was witness to (along with many residents of Khyber’s Gate) an apparent Draconic Prophecy: “The eyes of the city will stare down the sky itself.”


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