S.P.I.R.E.: Sharn Private Investigation and Risk Elimination

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Client: (name withheld)
Synopsis of Risk: (withheld)

Date: Eyre 12th, 998 YK
Location: Fallen District, Sharn, Breland
Details: S.P.I.R.E. groups the Bad News and the Meanwhiles cooperated in the last leg of their investigation for (name withheld). Agents used ambush tactics to confront the now identified thieves of (name withheld)’s possessions [a flying elemental vessel that also served as (name withheld)’s stage, as well as a manuscript]. The identified thieves, members of the local gang dubbed “Macabre Theatre”, did not immediately surrender; agents defended themselves appropriately. No major injuries to employees, however, (name withheld)’s elemental vessel was damaged after the thieves had been subdued, as no agents were learned in the piloting of such a vessel. Elemental did not escape from the vessel in question.

Payment has been received from (name withheld) and the possessions have been returned; case is considered closed.

Client: Yazeth Zephyrus
Synopsis of Risk: Mr. Yazeth Zephyrus is a devout follower of Aureon; approached S.P.I.R.E. concerned with both his son’s (Kerstol Zephyrus) safety, and rumors which aforementioned son provided to him, in the form of a letter. Rumors consisted of unsavory characters exploring the Depths below Highwall in search of an as of yet unnamed magical artifact. Sent S.P.I.R.E. group (space held for team call-sign).

Date: Eyre 14th, 998 YK
Location: Highwall District, Sharn, Breland
Details: The Bad News tracked down Kerstol Zephyrus; had violent encounter with members of local gang known as “Bloody Knights” after finding Kerstol. Aggressors subdued, no major injuries reported. Kerstol is associated with “Bloody Knights”, which was the point of our clients concern, but did not partake in the fray.

With information given by Kerstol, agents of the Bad News were able to gather information through various means from the local populace to determine rumored location of aforementioned magical artifact. This placed them into the Depths.

Location: Depths below Highwall District, Sharn, Breland
Details: Delving into Depths, agents of the Bad News were able to find clues that suggested rumors of aforementioned magical artifact may hold some merit; namely a shrine dedicated to The Shadow. Reports indicate that magical creatures attacked our agents without provocation. Agents subdued threats. No major injuries reported.

Attached Documents:
Former Scribe’s Reports: Pages One, Two, Three
Bastion Vice’s Accounts
Echelon Thrice’s Accounts
Nocturne’s Accounts
Rayan Kirsdarken’s Accounts


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