Inventory and Acquisitions – Treasure!

This outlines the banked gold, and any unclaimed or stored magic items in S.P.I.R.E.’s vaults; this will not account for magical items currently being carried by agents of S.P.I.R.E.

Florida Group – “The Bad News”

Money Cached: 2700gp

Stored Magical Items:
  • Bridle of Conjuration [Level 4]
  • Pelarium Chainmail +1 [Level 4]
Unclaimed Magical Items:
  • Lullaby Club [Level 4]
  • Power Jewel [Level 5]
Online Group 1 – “The Meanwhiles”

Money Cached: 710gp

Residuum Stores: 136gp

Unclaimed Magical Items:
  • Boots of Free Movement [Level 6]
  • Quickcurse Rod +2 [Level 7]
Online Group 2 – “The Waterworks”

Money Cached: No record yet.