Session Summary

Player Attendance and XP

What follows here is the record of attendance for our players at S.P.I.R.E.; if a session is missed, the least recent missed game is ‘caught up’ at the completion of the game that they most recently attended, thus giving them the experience they missed that day.

With this many players, you can expect a rotating cast of players, and thus, characters, and I do everything I can to make it seem like an appropriate time to switch.

Additionally, I don’t want any character any more than 2 levels behind; so, if there’s an extended absence, or, there’s a cameo character, they’ll be brought up to speed based on the minimum XP.

Session Info
  • Florida Session Info – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • Online Session 1 Info – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Online Session 2 Info – No info yet.
Minimum XP

Current Minimum XP for Florida Group: 2353
Current Minimum XP for Online Group 1: 1000
Current Minimum XP for Online Group 2: 1000

Current XP Totals and Attendance

A – Attended
X – Missed
C – Caught Up
M – Minimum Level XP
S – Special
TBA – To Be Announced

Florida Group – “The Bad News”
Player Name 8/8/09 – 9/5/09 9/12/09 10/10/09 10/17/09 11/7/09 11/14/09 12/12/09 Total XP
Session XP 2353 1116 348 933 505 300 TBA 5555
Colin A A A A A A TBA 5555
Craig C X X X X X TBA 2353
Rob A A C A C A TBA 5555
Shannon A A A A A A TBA 5555
Skippy C X A A X A TBA 3934
Steven C A A A A A TBA 5555
Online Group – “The Meanwhiles”
Player Name 9/4/09 9/6/09 10/2/09 10/16/09 11/1/09 TBA Total XP
Session XP 392 475 563 213 250 TBA 2893
David G. S S S X X TBA 3469+
David W. C A A A A TBA 2893
Kat C C X A A TBA 2330
Mike A A A X X TBA 2430
Tom G. A A A A A TBA 2893
Tom S. A A A A A TBA 2893
Online Group 2 – “The Waterworks”
Player Name TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA Total XP
William TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA 1000

+Transferred from Florida to Online Group – remaining at this XP until Online Group catches up.

The following players haven’t started yet/had a chance to play: (Online Group): Jon, Jen, Lauren O., Tim ?, Tim S.

The following players have missed 5 consecutive games, and are considered inactive: Donald, Lauren E., Ed

Session Summary

S.P.I.R.E.: Sharn Private Investigation and Risk Elimination Fivegears Fivegears