Field Reports – Player Accounts
Florida Group – “The Bad News”

Echelon Thrice
Session 1“As I write this, I’ve just recovered a bit from a magic trap that I sadly tripped.”
Session 2“As I write this, we have barricaded ourselves inside of what seems to be a basement with a mausoleum in the next room.”
Session 4“Rhec daan dhegaan or al’daalkec, dhuugaan a daakhuuc or akuukhakaan ghec!”

Session 1“I relaxed and swung my legs out of my bunk, cracking my knuckles.”
Session 2“I believe these to be an accurate description of the events to date.”
Session 5“The words of the Traveler echoed in my mind. ‘You’ll owe me a favor, when the time comes.’”

3259ARUX (John)
Session 8“The moral of this story is: if we want to bring this Flex fella down, we’ve got to turn the people of Sharn against him.”
Session 9“We had some regulation equipment other than Cranks BUTT too, but who’s complaining.”

Session 2“(Personal Note: Some of my companions are in dire need of training in combat).”
Session 3“Unfortunately, I misjudged the combined weight of our group (the dragonborn tend to be heavier than you realize) and the stairs collapsed under us.”
Session 5“When I saw the bugbear gut Noc’ like a fish, I figured this might be a good time to make myself square with The Host, figuring I’d be running into them before long.”
Session 9“The guards, perhaps quicker than the normal dregs at the docks, didn’t believe my bluff, so we did what Bad News does best…”

Session 9“Of course who am I to argue with a good bit of anarchy at the expense of others?”

Rayan Kirsdarken
Session 1“Excuse the spattering of blood on this report; my familiar had the gall to trample on my paper in an attempt to scribble things out. He has been punished accordingly.”

Online Group 1 – “The Meanwhiles”

Bastion Vice
Session 1 (Florida Group) – ”’I think I may have eaten the pilot,’ Bastion said groggily…”
Session 2 (Florida Group) – ”’Executioner… Executioner.. come to me, Executioner… follow my voice… Executioner… Executioner… ’”

Theras Blacksand
Sessions 1-3“Quick thinking, teamwork, overwhelming force and the Halfling luck won out…”
Session 4“Books called it a volunteer mission, but I could do the math: Nearly a third of S.P.I.R.E.’s number, captured or killed in a street brawl.”

Session 5“Moving quickly, we scouted the area, and finally chose to hide out in the nearby bookstore.”

Online Group 2 – “The Waterworks”

No reports filed yet.