“Books’” Status Reports – Story Logs from “Books’” Perspective
Florida Group – “The Bad News”

Report 001Re: Airships and Bloody Knights
Report 002Re: Towers and Shadows
Report 003Re: Phantoms and Prophecies
Report 004Re: The Fiasco at the Diamond Theatre
Report 005Re: The Capture by the Daask
Report 006Re: Raiding Mentalo’s Vault
Report 007Re: Reaping the Rewards
Report 008Re: Terror on Rural Route Number 5
Report 009Re: Taking It to the Skies

Online Group 1 – “The Meanwhiles”

Report 001Re: An Excursion Out of the City
Report 002Re: Flaming Deathtrap Wagons
Report 003Re: Adding Changelings to the Pot
Report 004Re: The Rescue of the Bad News
Report 005Re: The Airship Incident

Online Group 2 – “The Waterworks”

No reports filed yet.