S.P.I.R.E.: Sharn Private Investigation and Risk Elimination

Tabletop Pictures

Just the one picture from last game, after the launching of the ceremonial flaming object.

Echelon Thrice

Ilya Bossov (bossov@gmail.com) was kind enough to conceptualize on Echelon Thrice, give him an email if you’re looking to have things drawn, he’s always down for commissions.

Well, Sort of Ironwood...

I requested this picture on an image board, not quite describing Ironwood, but, thinking of him; I believe I asked something along the lines of “a warforged, all with antlers drilled into his head and he’s wearing armor made of leaves and he’s angry, why is he so angry”. This is the result:

Edit: Immediately after posting this, I was bored, so I posted something on samesaid image board, using this picture, the results of which are here.

Florida Session Info - 4

Attendance: Colin, Shannon, David, Rob, Stephen
XP per Attending Player: 1116

A Memo Regarding Pay and Transfers

S.P.I.R.E. employs a vast number of “adventurers” to go out on investigations that can sometimes be dangerous. All employees play a part, and I want to make sure that everyone sees their equal share. That being said, I shall be, at the end of any given assignment, be creating an account for all employees at the local Kundurak bank branch in their names; at the end of any given assignment, the money from said assignment shall be distributed in proportion to the amount of work put in on any given assignment. I shall allow these accounts to be easily accessible by their owners, where they can withdraw in any denomination they see fit.

As it stands, I have not kept accounts for the Bad News task force, so any amounts earned for that investigation shall not be taken into account; however, future investigations shall be monitored. Bear in mind that any acquired equipment (i.e. magical devices) shall be the task force’s responsibility to distribute fairly as they see fit. Please refer to your team leads for the final say on any equipment distribution (as of the time of this memo, Kos for the Bad News; Reldin Renaldo for the Meanwhiles).

In other news, we are transferring Bastion Vice from The Bad News squad to the Meanwhiles, as we feel their out-of-city operations would suit his skill-set more appropriately. We wish Bastion the best of luck in his new assignment.

Thank you all for reading this memo.

Addendum: I’ve found it simpler to have a coffer made for each team by Kundurak crafters, and have the sum of your funds available there. These will be made accessible to you next time in headquarters, and may be opened with the use of your badges.

- Caraji d’Sivis

"Books'" S.P.I.R.E. Reports
Filed Under "001-004"

Date: Eyre 23rd, 998 YK
Location: Diamond Theatre, Downstairs District, Sharn, Breland
Details: I will keep this brief, as this was not on business time, however, involved a number of S.P.I.R.E. employees and put them into significant risk. Team Bad News had been invited to attend a theatrical production at Diamond Theatre, and were expecting an evening of relaxation after a number of smaller investigations throughout the week. Kos brought along a dilettante elf, whereas Nocturne brought employee Juliet Potts along (I must speak with him in regards to fraternization rules). However, as is often the case with the members of Bad News, things did not go as planned.

Upon arriving at the Diamond Theatre, they were invited to audience with the playwright, and our first official client, Luca Syara. She was explaining the general premise of the play when, much to the chagrin of all of the Bad News, their guests, and their hosts, the Macabre Theatre made an uninvited entrance. Despite their attempts to capture Luca and secure the room, S.P.I.R.E. lept to action and subdued the Macabre Theatre group, and investigated further.

Whilst navigating the theatre to find the individuals responsible for the raid, they came across three unusual characters; a bearded lady, a strongman and a knife-thrower. Nocturne successfully disguised himself as the leader of the raiding party that had first accosted them, Ironwood in tow using the robes of an arcanist that was with them to follow close along. Nocturne convinced the strongman to lead him to their leader, which, after some arguement, he did.

It was not long until violence broke out between the Bad News and the Macabre Theatre. While some attempts to glean information was made, it was clear that the Bad News simply wanted the Theatre over and done with. Things were looking badly for some time, until Pepper Pinchpenny used some of the installed props to create a flaming death trap, on springs (this seems to be a recurring theme amongst S.P.I.R.E., and may go into the next edition of our handbook). Severely injuring the strongman, as well as some of the Macabre Theatre’s lieutenants, they managed to purge the Diamond Theatre of the gang, although their leader had escaped amongst the chaos (rumored now to be hiding amongst more powerful gangs, such as the Daask or Boromar). After all was said and done, the play was canceled for the evening – the resulting public unrest was dealt with by the Sharn guard, as opposed to S.P.I.R.E. Upon returning to their host and their guest, they found their host Luca, missing. Juliet attested that Luca had “simply vanished” which brings up questions of Luca’s nature, but this is not an issue for this report.

The Bad News brought a number of the Macabre Theatre to S.P.I.R.E. headquarters for questioning, discovering potential hiding places of the Macabre Theatre’s leader; while wholly unethical, the “Commish” has the final word on such things.

In the morning is when the real shock came: Luca had delivered her elemental galleon to our headquarters, signing over the deed to S.P.I.R.E. as a whole; we seem to now be in possession of an airship, as a measure of gratitude from Luca herself.

Field Report

After making my previous report in person, I quickly located the trail of my compatriots and followed it into the base of a decrepit tower. After getting apprised of the situation, I dispatched Rayan back to headquarters, as requested. Rousing my compatriots, we continued the exploration of this ‘Tower of Art’. I could feel the arcane energies somewhere within the tower, and in it’s current state of disrepair, I sent Nocturne ahead to not only scout for ambushes, but to ensure that the stairs and floors would at least support some weight.

Nocturne returned and reported a room at the next landing, and that the stairs continuing up had collapsed. Gathering together, we made our way up the stairs. Unfortunately, I misjudged the combined weight of our group (the dragonborn tend to be heavier than you realize) and the stairs collapsed under us. Thankfully, we made it to the landing, though we would find it difficult to return the way we came.

Within the room at the landing, we found four fields of energy along the walls and a swirling vortex of what seemed to be a portal in the center of the floor near the exit from the room. Fearing a trap, we cautiously explored the room. And, true to my gut, the trap was sprung. Several vicious creatures sprang from the vortex, attacking us. While defending ourselves, we found that the shimmering fields along the walls allowed instant teleportation to the similarly colored field on the opposite wall. We used this to our advantage to both assault our foes en mass and to evac our wounded to safer spots. Bastion, true to form, stuck his head into the vortex. While not the brightest candle, his axe proved quite useful, so who is to complain. He was unharmed by the experience, so we continued through the room and up another flight of stairs.

The next room we arrived at was what appeared to be an arcane workshop. Four braziers sat in the primary corners, each filled with what I would describe as distilled elemental energy, with the center of the room dominated by a large serious of sigils and runes. Quickly determining the sigils were a form of arcane trap, I warned my fellows to avoid them at all chance. In the far corner from the door stood a ghostly form dressed in robes. This creature, the former master of this tower, took offense to our presence. Nocturne and I attempted to ease his concerns through discourse while the rest of the group moved carefully through the room. True to form, Bastion showed little concern for the arcane and, while he was not harmed, tempted the fates on multiple occasions.

Nocturne and I decided to start passing through the room while conversion with the spirit (he appeared to be leaning towards our requests), which called himself as Thagdal. Unfortunately, as I was attempting to cross the room (I caught my boot as I attempted to leap over the trap and felt the sting of it’s necrotic energies), the ghost assaulted me. Responding quickly, the group laid into the ghost, though our attacks only showed minimal effects. In order to allow more room to maneuver, Bastion tipped over the brazier near where we fought the ghost, covering the ground with distilled necrotic energy. Kudos ton Bastion for the idea.

After dispatching the ghost and tending to our wounded, we thoroughly searched the room. In the search we discovered the nature of the artifact and a potential location, though not it’s form. It seems the artifact is similar o the rings some magi used to hold spells, though the artifact seems to store magical potential, not actual formed arcane energies. As for the location, it seems High Cardinal Kuzhar (unknown person, perhaps different spellings?) ordered the ring held in the vaults of the Silver Flame. Gathering up the items of note, we made our way from the tower and are heading back to headquarters for a full debriefing.


At the Scene of the Crime

Sometimes pictures speak for themselves. When they do, you’re likely hallucinating.

Online Session 1 Info - 2

Attendance: Mike, Tom G., Tom S., David W.
XP per Attending Player: 392

"Books'" S.P.I.R.E. Reports
Filed Under "002-002"

Location: Ruins of “Goldenhawk” Watchtower, Breland
Synopsis of Risk: After disposing of the Bloody Knight guards, the Meanwhiles are joined by agent Thykim as well as his companion falcon, Davash, to further explore and hopefully eliminate the gangster infestation within Captain Nathan’s property. The Meanwhiles begin their decent into the basement of the tower, led by Theras. However, awaiting his arrival are the remainder of the Bloody Knights, who pepper him with crossbow bolts. Soon joined by the rest of the Meanwhiles, leaving the dwarves above, combat escalated quickly. Amidst the fray (which they dispatched the Bloody Knight’s leader with ease and haste), a rogue (identified by Reldin as a murderer wanted in Sharn by the name Lurash) attempted to waylay Theras before fleeing deeper into the complex below. Additionally, Reldin was taken by surprise by the dwarf they had “rescued” previously, as he attacked from the aperture above (Reldin’s halfling luck seems to have played well in this scenerio, however, as the dwarf failed to cause any harm). The dwarf fled along with the aforementioned murderer down deeper into the complex, changing forms as he went, betraying his nature as a changeling. On top of all this, the party encountered an animate bear-trap of some artificer’s creation, which proved menacing, but was eventually deactivated with the clever use of an improvised adventuring tool. After all was said and done, the Meanwhiles were successful in defending themselves; no major injuries reported. Raan-Skag even went so far as to convince one of the Bloody Knight youths to pursue a career in the military rather than a life of crime.

Continued Report: After taking a few minutes to recompose themselves, they found that further down into the complex beneath the “Goldenhawk” tower was another pair of Bloody Knight guards; between which was a series of statues spitting geysers of flame. With the Bloody Knights having the advantage, the party retreated back to the main room in which they first entered, and devised a plan. Going above ground to look for supplies, Thykim found a number of plants that would 1) serve as a healing balm, bringing the Sorik, their dwarven guide, back into consciousness and 2) a number of plants that would serve as accelerators to fire. Under the direction of Reldin, Raan-Skag and Theras transported the remains of a ruined wagon down to the complex below the tower for re-assembly. They also gathered up the tents canvases, leaving them above to soak further in the rain until they were ready to progress. Eventually, the wagon was reconstructed enough to serve their purposes; loading it with bodies, and Thykim’s found accelerant their device was complete. Raan-Skag and Theras pushed the wagon down the hallway with the flaming geysers, sending a flaming deathtrap towards the guards at the end of the hallway, following behind it under the cover of rain-soaked canvas, protecting themselves momentarily from the fire. (This is exactly the sort of ingenuity that makes me happy I brought the Meanwhiles on board).

Continued Report: The guards fought for a moment before attempting to flee further down the corridor; they were brought down before progressing too far, but led the group to a section of hallway where Lurash and the changeling were awaiting them. Reldin, pressing forward to confront them with his improvised “bear-trap-on-a-stick” device quickly discovered the presence of another trap, however, incapacitating him within one of the many sarcophagi that lined the hallway. Theras quickly fell to the same trap (must discuss forward thinking and stratagem with Theras). Eventually escaping the traps, Reldin followed through with his bear-trap plan, which worked to quickly incapacitate Lurash – the changeling made a hasty retreat yet further into the complex. After removing Lurash’s head for the sake of bounty, they disposed of the remains into one of the previous sarcophagi traps, along with the animate bear-trap, which was still chewing on said remains. The party then made haste to follow the fleeing changeling.

Attached Documents:
At the Scene of the Crime


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