Elf Ranger


Quick-witted and reliant on his falcon companion, Thykim is devoted his entire life to the pursuit of the wilderness that is his home. He seldom relies on the help of humans, but can be a loyal friend after several years of familiarity with almost anyone. His village, a once peaceful place was burned to the ground, but before his small hut could be smoldered, his companion Davash had saved his life. By urinating on his neck and chest, he had awaken Thykim and the two had just enough time to get out before being killed by the immense flames.

His homeland, the greater forest regions of the Eldeen Reaches, is where his small village was. The village was nameless, as his clan of elves did not believe in claiming the lands, as it was not theirs to claim. They instead had just built their houses out of any kind of wood or plant they could scavenge, without destroying the land. In his village, only pure elvenblood children have the advantage to call a wild animal, their friend and companion. And even then, the animal must choose them, coming to them at any time, wiether it be the middle of the night or the middle of the day. The elf that the animal had chosen, will then travel with their new companion for an amount of time. It could take a day, a week, or very rarely, years. But when the elf returns they are roughly the same age as when they had left. As well the new companion will travel with the elf on any adventures they will have in the future, and loyal to the end. If the hunter is killed, the animal will begin to die. Very little can stop the dieing process of the animal, and if the elf is brought back to life, there can be severe consequences to the animal.

The mannerisms of this elf are somewhat lacking to say the least. Rarely does Thykim shower, as the ‘essence of the wild’ as he calls it, is one of the last qualities of the elves that he obtains. He does not believe in pleasentries, wiether you be king or peasant and will adress you as a lower quality being if you appear that way to him. He will not ask for directions, or at least fairely rarely, and will instead drop to the floor and listen to the earth for any hope of finding his way.

The apperances of Thykim are always upfront. Not believeing in concealing weapons unless they are taken off of him, he keeps his weapons out on his sides, in plain view. His hawk always on his shoulder, except in combat, and his bow and quiver on his back. Any and all clothing he wears he dies natural clothes, including browns, blacks, reds, and blues, any combanation of colors he can obtain.

His companion, Davash, is a quick and cunning animal. His wings, a dark shade of black, with tips as blue as a lake, the Falcon has little to offer in terms of camaflage, but has more then enough sleekness to compensate. His head is small and ends with a particularly painful.

Very rarely making allies, Davash is currently Thykim’s only ally.