Reldin "King" Renaldo

Halfling Bard


Reldin “King” Renaldo


Amiable to a fault, Reldin has a placid and easygoing manner that often proves infectious to those who spend any time in his company. This demeanor tends to persist uninterrupted under any and all circumstances, from a casual stroll in the marketplace to a grisly, life-or-death struggle with forces beyond mortal reckoning. This disarming attitude is frequently a deliberate front, however, that conceals a patient and calculating mind. Reldin is typically at his most vigorous when he senses that there is money to be made, and his zeal for enterprise will often break through his laid-back facade when he is on the verge of closing a deal.

Reldin’s typical posture is that of a mildly-interested observer. He will gladly take up the slack for more stumble-tongued allies when negotiation or bargaining is in order, but his preferred role is to issue “suggestions” and “advice” to his companions while they do the sweat-work. Not that his input isn’t useful, of course—his insights, quips, and encouragement are usually timed and delivered with surgical precision, and his anecdotes have been known to cool down more than one narrow-eyed confrontation with hearty laughter. Reldin is of average height and build for a city-born halfling, though he always manages to deftly dodge any questions that are raised concerning his family or parentage. He usually sports long brown hair bound loosely behind his head, shaggy mutton-chop sideburns, and a small, wispy tuft of a beard on his chin. His brown eyes are usually half-lidded, giving the impression of one who is perpetually unconcerned with his surroundings. Reldin’s faithful companions, an ivory pipe and thick oaken cane, have actually been crafted with practicality in mind: in a pinch they can be used as a wand and a well-balanced club, respectively.

In recent years Reldin has found a Dragonmark—the Mark of Making, strangely—beginning to manifest on his left upper arm. Since then he has chosen to wear long-sleeved shirts without regard for the current weather, preferring to keep his misplaced Mark concealed until he can discover its meaning.

Reldin has a history of failed business ventures that provide him with fodder for countless stories and quips. His current plan is to establish a bridge-building company (“This is a city of towers, right? What are all these towers without bridges, then? It can’t possibly fail!”) and has decided to take up some contract work with S.P.I.R.E. to obtain the necessary seed capital. His nickname, “King,” is typically appended to the names of his enterprises, frequently creating off-putting puns that become a key reason for their downfall. Whether he realizes this is uncertain, but he certainly does seem quite oblivious to the reactions that ensue when he cheerfully announces himself as the “Span King.”

Reldin "King" Renaldo

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