Rayen Kirsdarken

Human Sorcerer


Rayen Kirsdarken


Rayen was born to the upper-class family Kirsdarken as an illegitimate son between the family head and a half-elf servant. The Kirsdarken family, while well off in Sharn, is shunned, for it is rumored to be a cursed bloodline, descended from an infamous dark lich in service of the Keeper. The fact that the boy was born with the Mark of Storm stirred unrest amongst the family: is a dragonmarked illegitimate an ill omen for the bloodline, or a blessing?

The head took it as a good sign, and believed his son was destined for greatness. He openly raised Rayen as a true son, encouraging his growth. He hired private tutors and teachers of every subject to push Rayen forward and uncover his talents. Thus, the boy lived a secluded childhood of study and discipline. It wasn’t long before they discovered Rayen’s prodigious aptitude for magic. Rayen, by concentrating on his Mark, could channel magic just as well as any sorcerer could–particularly magic pertaining to thunder and lightning. The scholars teaching the boy couldn’t deny their interest: they wanted to study how this mark granted his innate abilities. The news that the boy was a sorcerer didn’t rest so easy with the rest of the Kirsdarken family. Some even began accusing him of being an evil incarnation of the lich that began the curse.

During all this, Rayen grew very conscious of how others viewed him: his family thought him a dark anomaly, the scholars saw him as a research subject, and everyone else saw him as a cursed freak. It left him bitter and untrusting in others’ good will. He began to suspect that everyone harbored some kind of disdain for him one way or the other; and it wasn’t long before he began to respond in kind. When the scholars approached his father and asked if he could be taken to Morgrave University as a research subject, Rayen, usually quiet, polite, and proper, stood up and beat them down, spouting unending streams of vulgarity. He subsequently marched off into the city, knowing that he dishonored his already looked-down-upon family.

Looking for a place to belong, he approached a building of House Lyrandar and spoke concerning his Mark. He stood firm, stating that it’s his fate-given right to be admitted to the house. Not to be intimidated, the members denied him, vehemently rejecting anyone who is not half-elven into their ranks. The news of his lineage cemented his denial further. Frustrated, he grumbled off further into the city. He couldn’t bring himself to return to his family, so he instead lived off the streets. He found that, more often than not, intimidation could get him his way, whether for food, money, or whatever else he fancied at the time. He wandered through Sharn over the years, forsaking his damnable lineage and cursing his own stubbornness and bad luck. He grew increasingly arrogant and bitter. Lonesome, he managed to summon a demonic familiar to aid him and provide some companionship. Even then, Rayen is an abusive master to his only companion.

Knowing he has nowhere to go, he applied to S.P.I.R.E. to make a living. He knows he has what it takes to get the job done. At least there, his talents could be useful for something productive. He hopes to eventually find true meaning for his life, and to escape his dark lineage. Is he the incarnation of a long dead evil ancestor? The thought haunts him to this day.

Rayen Kirsdarken

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