Raan-Skag the Unyielding


Raan-Skag the Unyielding


Raan-Skag doesn’t like being lied to or cheated. Once he gets it in his head that you have done either to him, he is not going to be happy until he is is convinced otherwise. This usually involves breaking something, a finger, and arm or maybe bending a knee the wrong way.

He is speaks his mind freely though his thoughts are not always well put together.

He has a very competitive side and will rarely turn down a challenge.

Raan-Skag wears the fur of a cave bear that he he and some of the other young males of the village hunted as a right of passage. He along with his older brother were the only survivors and he got to keep the fur for dealing the killing blow.

Slung across his back you will see a deadly two handed hammer pick. The head is shaped like a great horned beast with two horns coming out one side where there is normally just one.

Raan-Skag the Unyielding

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