Pogue Mahone

Tiefling Rogue


Pogue Mahone


Pogue is an above average size tiefling with a medium to heavy build. He has imposing red eyes and smooth, brick red skin and horns, which flare back from his head with a slight inward curl. His black hair has a maroon sheen, and it cascades down to the middle of his back. He keeps an aggressive, imposing manner, and always tries to come off as the toughest in the room. He only seems at ease and comfortable when solely in the company of those he trusts, his closest friends. He has an off-color sense of humor that contrasts an often fatalistic point of view.

Pogue grew up in the High Walls slums. He was adopted by a street gang at a very early age, losing his refugee parents (tiefling father, human mother) in a brutal attack by Lower Tavick’s Landing’s less honorable thugs. Famously, when they asked the toddler his name, he spat back “pogue mahone!” which, in Riedran, roughly translates to “kiss my ass!” in Common, and the moniker stuck. He does not know his real name, or does not use it, keeping memories of his beginnings suppressed. While rising through the ranks, he and his boys would mug haughty adventurers seeking to catch a little tail (no pun intended) in the Red Light District, robbing and murdering weaker gangs, and dealing drugs. Drugs were a large part of his life as a gang member; he never used or sold them, but it was a steady source of income for the group. Eventually he became the lieutenant of SIB (rivals called them SYBs because if they caught you alone they would Shred Your Balls, but Pogue would tell you that the acronym stands for Strength In Brotherhood) under his mentor Thales Leites, founder of SIB. He received his magical items as a personal gift from Thales, and they still bear his mark.

SIB was set to clash with their rival, the Bloody Knights (“just a Bloody Nuisance, boys”), but were ambushed by three other gangs and decimated. After felling dozens and helping who he could escape, he hid in shadows, severely wounded. He was found by a S.P.I.R.E. member who caught wind of the plan to destroy SIB, back when they were just S.P.I., looking for soldiers who wouldn’t bat an eye to put the hurt on some R.’s that need to be E.’d.

The Bloody Knights have a bounty on his head.

Pogue is a hothead. Continued provocation will bring a violent reaction. Remarks about his history or race are especially inflammatory.

Pogue Mahone

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