Pepper Pinchpenny

Level 4 Invoker. Former member of the Basilisk's Gaze. Born again Silver Flame follower.


Pepper Pinchpenny


My boss wants me to write a biography. To give the face of S.P.I.R.E. a more “human” element which people could connect to. Balderdash. Not one of us in my department is a human, though that Nocturne fella mimics one pretty well.

I had a perfectly boring childhood, in a boring town, in a boring house. My parents were tight-fisted accountants that spent the minimal amount for anything. Though it sounds it, I’m not complaining. My parents, in their own way, prepared me for the life I was to lead later. My sister Poppy still lives at home with them, in their cottage by the lake. She’s still unmarried, which annoys the shit out of them considerably.

Once I grew up enough to realize just how boring my house, town, and family was, I ran off to Sharn to live the life of excitement. Instead I met a man named Taldor d’Medani. He leads the Basilisk’s Gaze, a group of operatives charged with hunting down war criminals from the Last War. I found I had an aptitude for the mental training it would take to join the Gaze. The training was something that could fill a whole book entirely. All I can say about it was that I spent a lot of time doing that hippie meditating crap.  

I spent the last 18 months finding and apprehending war criminals. Pieces of shit wanted from all over the Five Nations for the atrocities they committed during the war. What I saw, what I did, those are things you just don’t put in any company-endorsed biography. I can’t name names, but you’d know some of the people I caught. And some of the people I didn’t, which is my failure.

No one can do that for very long without sufferin’ some for it. There’s always a price to that kind of thing, and I have a feeling that mine will catch up to me some day.      

Pepper Pinchpenny

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