A Reminder to His Enemies of Why They Should Fear the Dark




Nocturne was orphaned at a young age in the streets of Sharn. To this day, he has never revealed his true name to anyone. He was forced to steal and smuggle, using his natural abilities as a changeling to survive. Gradually, after building himself up from the gutter, he settled into several different personalities, each with it’s own set of friends and companions. The best of these friends was Echelon Thrice, a human artificer, and Laila Sanie, an eladrin noblewoman. All in all, Nocturne had grown into his new lives with complacency.

Gradually, Laila and Nocturne fell in love, although Nocturne felt guilty for not revealing his true nature to the beautiful eladrin. Eventually, he decided that if they were to be together, she had to know his true identity. After spending a day roaming the streets, lost in thought, he returned to Laila’s home to find the door wide open. He walked inside, calling her name, but silence was the only answer. He found her dead in the kitchen, eyes wide with horror.

She had been raped and killed. The mark of a local gang was carved into her skin. This changed Nocturne forever. He adopted his current moniker and withdrew into himself, dropping all other personalities. He confessed to Echelon about his true identity, feeling that he owed his friend at least that, and the human accepted him for what he was. He blocked out almost all emotional attachment, even that of his closest friend. He has never again settled into a personality, having seen the pain it can cause him. He feels no need to express his emotions or intentions to anyone, except occasionally Echelon.

Nocturne found and joined SPIRE, wishing to rid his home city of the criminal filth and horrors that took his beloved away from him. Echelon and Nocturne wage an internal war to this day, the human trying to break down Nocturne’s ironclad mental barrier and the changeling battling within himself to stay withdrawn from emotional and social ties.