Kos was destined for glory in the Last War under the banner of Breland. His father, a low ranking officer of the Sharn Watch, started teaching him sword and shield as soon as he was strong enough to wield them. His mother, Tamara, taught him the old songs, the flute, and the harp (he much prefers the flute) in between sessions with his father. He spend his early teens studying with teachers from Morgrave University, where proved to be a sponge for knowledge. His entire adolescence, he prepared for the war. Unfortunately, the day he came of age was the day the Treaty of Thornehold was signed.

Despondent, though still determined to make his father proud, he joined The Watch of Sharn. He quickly rose through the ranks, moving from a lowly patrolman to investigating crimes. It was doing the investigation of a string of minor thefts that his life took a change. The crimes were simple enough, thefts of bulk goods from various warehouses and shipping rooms within Sharn. Working the streets, he soon learned that not only did members of The Watch KNOW about the thefts, some where actually involved. Seeing his chance to root out corruption of the Watch, Kos dug deeper and deeper. He worked with nobles and vagabonds alike. He bribed those he could afford, strong-armed those he couldn’t.

What he found was that an officer of the Watch coordinated the thefts and was commonly known as being ‘on the take’ by the underbelly of Sharn. Elated that he found the source, albeit a minor one, of corruption in The Watch, he took the information to his father. His father, though, did not congratulate his son. In fact, he warned him against going forward with the information and that it would be best if Kos himself worked with the officer as his father has been. Shocked and angered, he pleaded with his father to come clean, and together, they would work to bring down the corrupt officers and clear their name. His father, now in a rage at his son’s betrayal, struck out at him. Kos, defending himself easily, soon had the upper hand and forced his father to drop his blade. As Kos sheathed his blade, he stated calmly, “You are no longer my father” and walked off into the alleys of Sharn.