Defender of the Helpless


"Books'" Synopsis: Warforged of unusual construction, appears that his fibrous materials are mostly of livewood. Stalwart and stubborn, has a particularly uncanny dislike of doors of all constructions. Particularly well-versed in the natural world, and exercises unusual control over it. Rumored to have violated rules in regards to wearing of antlers on several occasions, although I have not seen proof of this.


Ironwood was made during the last few years of the Last War. In those days people called him Rob. He fought a several battles during the war honing his skill in combat. After the Last War ended he found himself staying with druids and shamans in the wild since they were the only people he met who treated him as an equal or didn't see him as suspicious or threatening. In this time he learned to revere nature and to protect those who can't protect themselves. It was these druids and shamans who gave him the name Ironwood because of the great amount of both with which he was made and because of his incredible strength and stamina. When he found out S.P.I.R.E. was recruiting, Ironwood decided to join in an attempt to protect others who need his protection. Age: 3 years old Weight: 300 lb/136.077711 kg Height: 6'6″/ 198.12 cm