Echelon Thrice


“Books’” Synopsis: Human, artificer, employee. Graduate of Morgrave University. While a talented inventor, and an enthusiastic employee, shows lack of confidence in actual combat situations. However, he proves as an important keystone to group integrity, second only to Kos in the Bad News agents. Seek to improve his confidence in battle.


Born in a small farming village in Breland, Echelon was always showed an aptitude for science, taking apart clocks and other items then putting them back together perfectly at age 3. He was a child prodigy and his interest was alchemy. Constructs, explosive concoctions, destructive solvents and so on were all his interests. Echelon would break into magic shops and copy alchemy formulae and reproduce them, some successful and others ending very badly. His unhealthy interest in alchemy and ability to break into areas earned him the enmity of the local alchemist as well as notice from Morgrave University. Enrolling at the age of 9, Echelon excelled in most of the alchemy subjects, but construct building was his forte. He enjoyed animating objects and making little helpers, soldiers, and friends. Alot of this mave have been from a disconnection from others of his age. Being the youngest student in Morgrave, he couldn’t relate to the young adults that were there. Echelon would retreat into loneliness Amongst the people there, however, was Agatha, granddaughter of one of his professors. She was around his age and she loved his construct creations and explosive and caustic concoctions. Echelon grew to care about her alot. Sadly, scandalous rumors about the professor forced her to have to leave with the teacher, seperating Echelon from her.

Eventually, Echelon graduated and went through graduate school, finishing at age 15. Tired of the college life and having the urge of adventure (as well as his urge to steal), he set off with his knowledge of alchemy through the streets of Sharn, befriending a changeling named Nocturne along the way. Together, they would combine Nocturne’s shape change and charisma, his own scientific genius, and both of their “five finger keys” to steal and become rich. After an incident with Nocturne’s loss, they abandoned their lives and money in search of the people who killed Lalia. Echelon joined Nocturne in entering S.P.I.R.E., partially to help avenge Lalia’s death, partially to experiment with more alchemy, and partially to find whatever happened to Agatha and how he can find her again.

Echelon is 25, has long black hair and wears a cloak and protective leather. He has goggles as protection from his own volitile concontions and always keeps a healthy supply of chemicals, rare earth metals, and powders that do various things, from healing the injured to exploding materials. Echelon is lonely, his only friends being the lifeless automatons he creates and the even more withdrawn Nocturne. He tries to be friendly towards people, but tends to withdraw when more charismatic individuals take the limelight. He is very obsessive and meticulous about his work, spending hours away from people to prepare potions, clean viles, and learn new formulae. Echelon loves to tinker with anything, from existing formulae to mechanical objects. He sees locks, both magical and mechanical, as a challenge and sometimes his penchant for stealing and his need to take things apart gets the better of him and lands him in trouble. His greatest love (besides Agatha) is making alchemical constructs.

Echelon Thrice

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