Bastion Vice

The Blood-Thirsty Executioner


“Books’” Synopsis: Dragonborn, employee. Former Q’barran tribesman, Bastion came to Sharn through means unknown. Shows various degrees of barbarism in combat, and a simple-minded pleasure in his work. While effective, he may prove a liability in the future. Originally a member of Bad News, transferred to the Meanwhiles, as he is better suited to work outside the city.


Bastion Vice, though young, is a powerful warrior with a past full of chaotic battles and rampant bloodshed. He claims he was born to a great king on the continent of Argonnessen, but was kidnapped as a baby and taken to Q’barra for various reasons. Growing up in a savage area, Bastion was taught the way of battle since the day he could walk. He was a powerful fighter, even at early ages, and the leaders of his adopted tribe took well to him, exclaiming that he would go on to achieve great things.

Another claim of his is that he often had visions of the chaotic Xoriat – a claim which he sometimes uses to explain his incredible anger. Despite these two claims, Bastion is a formidable fighter, and grew up to be larger and taller than any other Dragonborn seen before. When he was finally deemed ready by his tribe leaders, Bastion picked up an executioner’s axe (perhaps unconsciously foreshadowing his future) and ran headlong into the midst of any battle his tribe was in, leading his brethren into the fray. A wild beast on the field, Bastion showed a rage and blood lust far greater than any other. He rose through the ranks quickly, earning prestige seen by few in his tribe.

When a battle was not readily available, Bastion was uneasy, always on the move, always doing something. War was where he felt most comfortable, the only time when he could unleash the turmoil writhing within his mind, and so was constantly training, leading him to gain strength even the tribal elders could not match.

Eventually the elders grew wary of Bastion, fearing that his anger would one day gain the better of him and in turn cause him to strike out against his own family. Because of this, the elders sought to exile Bastion, but in a twist of ironic fate, such was the key that let Bastion leave his anger unchecked as he slaughtered the elders. When the last of them cowered in the corner, Bastion took a turn for the worse and clamped his jaws about his tribe leaders neck, spewing forth a tide of thick crimson acid, brutally murdering the man and permanently scarring his face and chest forever.

Bastion then exiled himself, vowing to never return to Q’barra again. After years of traveling, he found himself in Sharn offering up his battle prowess to a somewhat new adventurer’s guild- S.P.I.R.E., or the Sharn Private Investigation and Risk Elimination team.

Bastion Vice

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