Juliet Potts


“Books’” Synopsis: Half-elf, employee, secretary. Juliet is a typical South-Brelish girl, and a friend of Michael Mallory’s. She is well-organized, although her taste in attire that she thinks is appropriate for a work place needs some attention. Is apparently obsessed with the Silver Flame, although is not particularly familiar with many of its tenants. Idealist.


Juliet, a native Brelish half-elf, was hired on by Michael Mallory as his personal assistant, secretary, public relations and any other title he could throw her way. In reality, she sits in the front lobby, greeting potential clients in her thick (sometimes grating) South Brelish accent.

While genuinely interested in some of the goings on with S.P.I.R.E., Juliet ultimately sees this as just another job, and makes no effort to impress anyone. She has a real liking for her boss, who has treated her exceptionally well, but is thankful that she’s no longer the lone employee of S.P.I.; though they get along well, they have virtually nothing in common.

Taking a look at Juliet’s desk, you’ll see an assortment of Silver Flame knick-knacks that she collects for both aesthetic and personal reasons. While she claims to be a follower of the Silver Flame, and adores anyone who is devoted to it, she really doesn’t know much about it, herself.

Juliet Potts

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