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Stories With John 2

John leans against the ships mast and shares another one of his stories. (post Florida game 9)

“I had never really participated in a large amount of anarchy, aside from the printing press incident, but that was “to demote the spread of anarchy”, is what they told me in the brief. But enough of that. Back to the story.”

“There was one mission, in particular, that involved a lot of explosion and a bit of foolery on my part. We were sent to destroy an opposing creation forge (i.e. a forge that was supplying another army with warforged) and we were given a good amount of explosives to do it with. As usual, Crank grabbed all the bombs and placed them “carefully” in a regulation “Bomb Utility Tote and Transport”. Damn, what a bolt monkey he was.” (John quickly examines his street sign.) “We had some regulation equipment other than Cranks BUTT too, but who’s complaining.

“Anyways, we get to the creation forge, work our way in, and we find ourselves up against the biggest load of bolts and widgets I’ve ever seen in my days. It was alive, but I’m not sure if it was a remote or if it was sentient, which didn’t matter, really. Buck, the berserker unit, hefted one of the bombs and pitched it at the giant’s head. By some kind of luck the bomb got wedged inside what might have been a jaw actuator or a steam release valve, I couldn’t see. Then we charged its legs, busted them up enough that it couldn’t chase us out the building, and made a mad bashing dash for the exit. And then it’s head exploded.

“Up until then, the run had been pretty simple.

“The moral, I suppose, is that we shouldn’t be relaxing just yet. There’s bound to be some kind of big, nasty trial at the end of this little romp of ours.”

(somebody asks about John’s foolery in the story)

“Oh yeah, that. Well on the way out, I had… missed on a hammer swing and smashed my foot open.” (John points to his left foot, which is conspicuously dissimilar from his right foot) “Crank was “kind” enough to find a replacement without putting it in his brief. That’s what happens when you miss your signals.”

(Looks to the bow where Masyiss is standing) “Hey rookie! Quit jacking off and help us get ready for the next fight.”


“Tread lightly task master. Lest you find more enemies at your back, then your front.”

Stories With John 2
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