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Client: S.P.I.R.E. (Self-Interest)
Synopsis of Risk: Seeking to undermine Flex’s power base, we’ve begun a direct assault on the Daask gang.

Date: Nymm 3, 998 YK
Location: Sharn, Breland
Details: Briefed the Bad News agents on our current standing with both the Daask and Flex Mentalo – it is apparent that Flex is making use of the Daask gang to help him in whatever he’s plotting; this furthers our incentive to engage the Daask directly. Instructed the team to locate, then destroy, the few elemental vessels in the Daasks possession. Taking advantage of Echelon’s expertise in creating explosive devices to help facilitate the destruction of the Daask’s vessels, the team formulated a plan to both locate and deal with the aforementioned vehicles.

Informed the team of a former Daask contact, Gnezb Bonestink (the mention of this name put Pepper Pinchpenny into laughing fits – must take time with her in regards to her professionalism in these serious matters). The task of finding Gnezb was relatively simple. With Kos’ and Nocturne’s extensive contacts throughout Sharn, they were able to establish that he was often found gambling in a small tavern named the Dead Wench.

After gathering up the available members of the Bad News (Pepper, Kos, John, Nocturne and a new recruit, Masyiss, a changeling arcanist of some sort), they made their way to the Dead Wench. After brief negotiations with the proprietor of the establishment, they found their way towards to the back room of the tavern, where Gnezb was found, nearly naked, with a group of other card players. Gnezb had accrued quite a debt with the other players. At first, Masyiss attempted to join the game, but shortly after being caught attempting to cheat, he placed all of the players (including Gnezb) into a magical slumber, and with the rest of the members of the Bad News, fled at high speeds before the guards or the ogre bouncers were able to intervene.

Taking Gnezb back to S.P.I.R.E. HQ, the party interrogated the goblin as to the whereabouts of the Daask ships – he was more than willing to help, so long as he was given help in staying out of sight of the Daask and any other debtors. There was some disagreement amongst the group, but, they finally settled on accepting his advice, so long as they could 1) clothe him in some of Reldin Renaldo’s clothing (which they took without permission – I’ll be sure to inform him as soon as I’m able) and 2) keep him locked up in Echelon’s lab. I’m not certain either is a particularly safe choice, least of all for Gnezb, but these are risks we must take. Juliet is currently tending to the goblin, making sure that he is not forgotten amongst Echelon’s devices.

The information they garnered from the goblin was as follows: one ship could be found at a Sarlonian neighborhood airdock, another at a warehouse, also located in the Sarlonian district, and the third was most often “joyriding” far above Sharn. With this knowledge, they formed a plan to steal the first ship to ride to the second, where they would destroy the second airship, ride the first to the skies, and destroy the final ship; scuttling the first ship in the process, having Rayen Kirsdarken pilot our own ship for the purposes of rescue.

As of the moment of this writing, the plan has been going forth with minimal issues; the first ship has been taken, although with a bit less finesse than one would hope, and the second ship has been secured, with Echelon planting his arcane explosive just below the elemental ring. I am awaiting further reports on this. No injuries reported.


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