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Client: Captain Nathan d’Lyrandar
Synopsis of Risk: En route from their mission in the Stormcrow Tor, the Bad News happen upon a hostage situation in a small town.

Date: Dravago 28nd, 998 YK
Location: Town of Waypoint, Breland
Details: While settling down to spend an evening in the Unruly Unicorn tavern within the confines of the town Waypoint, the Bad News were approached by a client that had recognized the badges from a previous job. Captain Nathan d’Lyrandar informed the Bad News of a hostage situation that was occurring at the local schoolhouse, and how the warforged that were holding the teachers and children captive were making increasingly impossible demands while setting a timeline for the deaths of their hostages.

After settling on a price point, the party went about formulating a plan to extract the hostages in question. The initial plan involved diplomacy – however, Kos’ impatience got the best of him, causing the leader of the warforged kidnappers, “Cutlass” (assigned name revealed to be Ferd) to cut off all communications with any more “fleshbags”. Ironwood and “John” stepped in on this measure. When they approached the door, they were met by another warforged, one who simply addressed himself as Buck. This warforged seemed to be far more amicable to the reasoning of the party, and the townsfolk, but was cowed by his superior, “Cutlass”. However, he did make it clear that this was not the way he wanted things to go; the party talked amongst themselves, and thought they would have a proverbial man on the inside, if things got rough.

Again, Ironwood and John approached the door, meeting with the leader proper this time. Acting quickly, John grabbed “Cutlass”, pulling him out into the streets, and began pummeling him, while the rest of the party acted as quickly as they could.

Nocturne had prowled behind the building, and, after dispatching a single warforged with his new shadowy abilities (a note here – still need to question him in regards to that, if time allows), began to clamber, cat-like, through the window. The children inside, as you might imagine, were completely horrified by this act, as the figure of a gaunt, featureless creature wreathed in shadows, hissing things like “come with me” does not make for an ideal rescuer. Regardless of this, the children in the back escaped without harm.

The rest of the party stormed into the school, dispatching warforged followers as they went, far too quickly for them to act on their promise to harm the innocents. Outside, “John” pummeled “Cutlass” quickly into the ground, if nothing else, proving that we at S.P.I.R.E. invest in only the finest of forged. Kos and the others spared the warforged known as Buck, allowing him to escape into the night – he had made efforts, during the ensuing chaos, to slow any of the aggressive warforged, and made no motions towards the party themselves.

With the civilians in safety (though some may require therapy), the Bad News collected their agreed payment, slept well, and made their way back to Sharn, where I informed the Bad News of the bad news.


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