S.P.I.R.E.: Sharn Private Investigation and Risk Elimination

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Gamma World

fter about a year and a half of not playing, I’ve started up a new game, Gamma World – Oasis which I’m hoping will last longer than this and Sir Horatio’s

S.P.I.R.E. Closed for Repairs

It’s been far too long since we played S.P.I.R.E. in any capacity. It has a lot to do with not having a place of my own to host it, it takes a lot of energy to do the things I want to do, and then transport them, reasonably, to a new game.

Will S.P.I.R.E. be reborn? Perhaps. But for now, we’re locking the door.

S.P.I.R.E. Reopens

After a short hiatus, I think it’s high time that S.P.I.R.E. reopens for business. Kicking ass and taking names in Sharn, our crack team of investigators will show the criminal element of the city what it means to feel pain. Or something along those lines.

I’m going to be reevaluating what direction the campaign has been going, and I’ll be taking any input the players (and people watching the campaign) have to offer to make S.P.I.R.E. one of the most action-packed D&D games out there. So keep an eye out for the future adventures of everyone’s favorite adventuring party as they put the gangs of Sharn in their place!

(Next game should commence next weekend, provided all goes well).

Short Hiatus

As most of you are aware now, I’m taking a short hiatus from running S.P.I.R.E., just long enough to get my taxes back in and take care of a few things outside of the game. I don’t intend on things waiting too long, just long enough to let me get some business put aside. The adventures of the Bad News and the Meanwhiles will pick up where they left off fairly soon.

In the meantime, Steve’s running his game, Shadows, on a weekly-basis. Except, perhaps, next weekend, which is my birthday, where I expect to be showered with expensive gifts. Gimme gimme.

"Books'" S.P.I.R.E. Reports
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Client: S.P.I.R.E. (Self-Interest)
Synopsis of Risk: Seeking to undermine Flex’s power base, we’ve begun a direct assault on the Daask gang.

Date: Nymm 3, 998 YK
Location: Sharn, Breland
Details: Briefed the Bad News agents on our current standing with both the Daask and Flex Mentalo – it is apparent that Flex is making use of the Daask gang to help him in whatever he’s plotting; this furthers our incentive to engage the Daask directly. Instructed the team to locate, then destroy, the few elemental vessels in the Daasks possession. Taking advantage of Echelon’s expertise in creating explosive devices to help facilitate the destruction of the Daask’s vessels, the team formulated a plan to both locate and deal with the aforementioned vehicles.

Informed the team of a former Daask contact, Gnezb Bonestink (the mention of this name put Pepper Pinchpenny into laughing fits – must take time with her in regards to her professionalism in these serious matters). The task of finding Gnezb was relatively simple. With Kos’ and Nocturne’s extensive contacts throughout Sharn, they were able to establish that he was often found gambling in a small tavern named the Dead Wench.

After gathering up the available members of the Bad News (Pepper, Kos, John, Nocturne and a new recruit, Masyiss, a changeling arcanist of some sort), they made their way to the Dead Wench. After brief negotiations with the proprietor of the establishment, they found their way towards to the back room of the tavern, where Gnezb was found, nearly naked, with a group of other card players. Gnezb had accrued quite a debt with the other players. At first, Masyiss attempted to join the game, but shortly after being caught attempting to cheat, he placed all of the players (including Gnezb) into a magical slumber, and with the rest of the members of the Bad News, fled at high speeds before the guards or the ogre bouncers were able to intervene.

Taking Gnezb back to S.P.I.R.E. HQ, the party interrogated the goblin as to the whereabouts of the Daask ships – he was more than willing to help, so long as he was given help in staying out of sight of the Daask and any other debtors. There was some disagreement amongst the group, but, they finally settled on accepting his advice, so long as they could 1) clothe him in some of Reldin Renaldo’s clothing (which they took without permission – I’ll be sure to inform him as soon as I’m able) and 2) keep him locked up in Echelon’s lab. I’m not certain either is a particularly safe choice, least of all for Gnezb, but these are risks we must take. Juliet is currently tending to the goblin, making sure that he is not forgotten amongst Echelon’s devices.

The information they garnered from the goblin was as follows: one ship could be found at a Sarlonian neighborhood airdock, another at a warehouse, also located in the Sarlonian district, and the third was most often “joyriding” far above Sharn. With this knowledge, they formed a plan to steal the first ship to ride to the second, where they would destroy the second airship, ride the first to the skies, and destroy the final ship; scuttling the first ship in the process, having Rayen Kirsdarken pilot our own ship for the purposes of rescue.

As of the moment of this writing, the plan has been going forth with minimal issues; the first ship has been taken, although with a bit less finesse than one would hope, and the second ship has been secured, with Echelon planting his arcane explosive just below the elemental ring. I am awaiting further reports on this. No injuries reported.

A Wing and a Prayer...

The plan was simple, if the rock heads could just get it in and let it rattle about for a bit. Finally, enough cracks were formed and things began to seep in. We work our way on board the ship at the public docks, steal it, take it to assault the second ship, and finally take it to the third ship, blow it up, then ride this ship out to somewhere safe and leave it in a lot more pieces than we found it.

Of course, even the best plan can hit snags…

The guards, perhaps quicker than the normal dregs at the docks, didn’t believe my bluff, so we did what Bad News does best…Assault. Thankfully, Pepper got the ship moving before the reinforcements arrived. Just barely. We took some lumps, but it wasn’t too terrible.

The second airship assault required a bit quicker thinking, something I’m afraid Bad News might need a bit more of. The ship was behind a protective gate and the only entrances were from above. We spent a fair bit of time jawing about this and that, and finally I convinced the group into a plan of action. While we prepared to slide down ropes into the ship below some skylights, Pepper would move our stolen ship in close to the front. Rook…er…Masyiss (I think, never worry about their names until they survive a few fights) was going to work some magic on the releases to the gates so we can get to safety before Echelon lights off his bomb.

Thankfully, things went fairly well, and we are now on our way to the third airship.

Stories With John 2

John leans against the ships mast and shares another one of his stories. (post Florida game 9)

“I had never really participated in a large amount of anarchy, aside from the printing press incident, but that was “to demote the spread of anarchy”, is what they told me in the brief. But enough of that. Back to the story.”

“There was one mission, in particular, that involved a lot of explosion and a bit of foolery on my part. We were sent to destroy an opposing creation forge (i.e. a forge that was supplying another army with warforged) and we were given a good amount of explosives to do it with. As usual, Crank grabbed all the bombs and placed them “carefully” in a regulation “Bomb Utility Tote and Transport”. Damn, what a bolt monkey he was.” (John quickly examines his street sign.) “We had some regulation equipment other than Cranks BUTT too, but who’s complaining.

“Anyways, we get to the creation forge, work our way in, and we find ourselves up against the biggest load of bolts and widgets I’ve ever seen in my days. It was alive, but I’m not sure if it was a remote or if it was sentient, which didn’t matter, really. Buck, the berserker unit, hefted one of the bombs and pitched it at the giant’s head. By some kind of luck the bomb got wedged inside what might have been a jaw actuator or a steam release valve, I couldn’t see. Then we charged its legs, busted them up enough that it couldn’t chase us out the building, and made a mad bashing dash for the exit. And then it’s head exploded.

“Up until then, the run had been pretty simple.

“The moral, I suppose, is that we shouldn’t be relaxing just yet. There’s bound to be some kind of big, nasty trial at the end of this little romp of ours.”

(somebody asks about John’s foolery in the story)

“Oh yeah, that. Well on the way out, I had… missed on a hammer swing and smashed my foot open.” (John points to his left foot, which is conspicuously dissimilar from his right foot) “Crank was “kind” enough to find a replacement without putting it in his brief. That’s what happens when you miss your signals.”

(Looks to the bow where Masyiss is standing) “Hey rookie! Quit jacking off and help us get ready for the next fight.”

Stinkbone and the Dead Wench

It has been a month and three days since the old man passed on. Though I haven’t yet had the nerve to wear his face in public. Perhaps I might have taken on his life for a time, maybe even convinced his friends and associates that he would be taking an extended vacation in the coming weeks…maybe then I would have alleviated my own sense of paranoia. Killing seems so much simpler when the dead are faceless minions. Alas, again I must reassure myself then I had no other choice. For what it’s worth I gave Tom a quick death, as I would have hoped for had it been my throat at the knife.

Leaving the lesser districts of Sharn, I’ve employed myself with a local group known as Spire. A rag tag PI team whose agenda I have no real intentions of pursuing, but for now they’ll pay the bills whilst I play the part of the learned wizard.

On our first little escapade we sought out a goblin named Stinkbone, apparently residing at the Dead Wench tavern. Not the most intriguing of names, but again, this is why I left the lower districts.

Finding the little sausage with not but a tabard left to his person after a poor bit of luck playing cards, I tried what I could to free him of his debt to the table. But alas, cheating does not always work in ones favor. So instead I put them all to sleep, robbed the lot of fools and dragged the retch out by his ankles. Dropping him at the Warforged’s feet I took a small share of the gold for myself and left the ‘adventurer’s to their duties.

Two hours later, after having my fill of the brothel and noting the subtle twist of colors as my trip set in, I found my way back to Spire’s little enclave and set down at their table to catch the back half of some overtly complicated plan of attack. Apparently the group planned to commandeer an airship, use it to bomb another and then crash the latter into a third vessel all in the name of injuring some arms dealer’s pipe line.

Of course who am I to argue with a good bit of anarchy at the expense of others?

So, tagging along as my contract dictated I aided as best I could and even took my share of bangs and bumps along the way. Not how I had expected to spend my day, but the Dream Lilly might have had something to do with my falling about. Ah but life is never as sweet unless it is threatened upon by death, yes?

Whence we arrived at the second airship and I began to come down, it was of course my stroke of genius that spurred the group to open the gate locks and escape back to our stolen ship before the bomb did its little number on the warehouse and all of its contents, including the other ship.

From here I expect we’ll be off to our last destination…a last stop and a sudden drop for those aboard the third airship.

Whilst I take the time to write this all down, some very interesting questions grip my curiosity.

For one, who owns all these ships? And what in all creation did he do to attract such anger from Spire? Selling arms illegally is one thing, but the real question is who he is selling arms too, and who does that bother so?

Secondly, I think perhaps it is a bad idea to write such delicate thoughts down where someone’s grubby little hands might find and read them, outing me to the group in all of my despicable nature….

(Standing at the bow of the ship, Masyiss lights the parchment on fire, letting it blow away in the wind)

Ashton Sperry's Take

Here’s Ashton Sperry’s take on the crew of S.P.I.R.E. – they’ll be being used as minis during the game proper!

Left to Right: Nocture, Kos, Ironwood, “John”, Pepper


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